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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson ‘Cannot Stop Smiling’ with Adorable Grandkids

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

“Ducky Dynasty” alum and matriarch Korie Robertson loves being a grandma. Although she’s still quite young to be a grandma, she does the job like she’s been doing it for years. 

On Thursday, the mom of five took to Instagram to gush over her grandkids. In the photo, her followers see her having a ball with her two grandkids at home. “Cannot stop smiling when I’m with these two! They crack me up and keep me young,” she wrote in the caption. 

Robertson is a proud grandma (although according to her, she prefers the term K-mama) to four grandchildren. 

One of Korie Robertson’s daughters, 24-year-old Sadie, recently got candid about her struggles with postpartum anxiety after giving birth to her first daughter earlier this year.

“I’m constantly trying to fight fear in my life. It was, like, so many emotions happening that I couldn’t really fight the fear like I normally do. All of a sudden I was just in a state of anxiety. I didn’t even realize that it was creeping up as much as it was,” she explained in a new episode of her Whoa! That’s Good podcast on July 14.

According to the new mom, she “struggled with anxiety for years,” but nothing could’ve prepared her for the anxious feelings that appeared when he welcomed her daughter Hone in May.

Korie Robertson’s Daughter Opens Up About Anxiety

“That is such a toxic brain spiral to go through that it will manifest itself in some way. I didn’t even realize that those thoughts throughout the day were making me jittery, were making me have all these feelings of anxiety and were making my chest feel super tight, like, I couldn’t breathe,” the former “Duck Dynasty” star added as she shared some of the scenarios that popped up in her mind.

Additionally, Robertson kept her anxiety a secret from her friends and family until her husband, Christian Huff, found her crying in a closet. “I just said, ‘I’m so scared. I’m so scared that something is going to happen to her,'” the author emotionally described her conversation with her husband. 

“It was so real. I was like, ‘I’m so scared that something is going to happen to her. I’m so scared that she’s not really OK. What if whenever she got stuck, the oxygen actually cut off to her head. I’m scared that something happened to me and I am not going to get to be the mom that I want to be to her.'”

For Korie Robertson’s daughter, she didn’t understand why she would be feeling this way despite being in the most exciting time of her life.

“I didn’t understand how I could be so happy and so joyful, yet also experience so much fear. I realized that you don’t have to choose just one of those feelings,” she said. “You don’t have to choose fear and trade out all the joy. You don’t have to choose joy and trade out all the fear. It actually can go hand in hand.”