‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Celebrates Belated National Daughter Day with Adorable Group Pic

by Chris Haney

On Sunday afternoon, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson celebrated National Daughters Day a day late in a sweet Instagram post recognizing some of the most important women in her life.

Robertson took time today to share a belated message for her three daughters and one daughter-in-law. National Daughters Day occurred yesterday on Saturday, Sept. 25, but her Instagram followers clued her in on another special international day. Korie’s 2.1 million fans on the social media platform notified her that today is International Daughters Day. Therefore she was technically just in time with her post celebrating some of the women in her famous family.

The Duck Dynasty mother of three has two biological daughters with her husband, Willie RobertsonSadie (24) and Bella (19). The couple also share an adopted daughter, Rebecca Robertson, who has been part of the family for years. In 2004, Rebecca joined the Robertsons as an exchange student from Taiwan and became so close to the family they adopted her.

In addition, Korie and Willie’s son, John Luke, got married in 2015 to wife Mary Kate. Robertson is clearly close to her daughter-in-law as well. Korie posted a photo of the five women together and shared a touching message.

“I clearly wasn’t on Instagram much yesterday since I totally missed #nationaldaughtersday. Good thing they know I love them, but any reason to post a pic with my girls. I love being their mom, friend and biggest fan! @legitsadierob @bellarobmayo @rebeccalorobertson @marykaterob I adore life with each of you,” the Duck Dynasty mother wrote.

“Edited: read your comments and looked it up and TODAY is #internationaldaughtersday. Glad we have two days to celebrate the gift of daughters,” Robertson added.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Beams with Pride As Daughter Bella Releases Her Book

Korie Robertson is always supportive of her daughters, and that was evident once again earlier this week. The Duck Dynasty mom took to Instagram to share how proud she is of daughter Bella as her new book was recently released.

Bella just celebrated her 19th birthday on Sept. 16, and her book of poetry titled my greenhouse released not long after. It was an exciting week for the teenager, and Korie was right there to cheer her daughter on. The proud mother shared a great picture of herself alongside Bella who is holding her new poetry book up for the camera. Both women are all smiles during what was a huge day as Bella’s book released to the world.

“I AM SO PROUD of this girl!! Her book ‘my greenhouse’ comes out into the world today!” Robertson wrote their photo. “These are words that came from experiencing love, want, heartache, and HOPE!”

“Words she wrote in her room but that are absolutely universal,” Korie continued. “It’s incredible how poetry can capture that. In just a few short words, it takes you back to that feeling, and something about knowing someone else has felt that too just heals you. Beautiful @bellarobmayo I love you, baby girl!!!”