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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Celebrates a ‘Life-Giving Night Under the Stars’ on Vacation with Friends

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage)

Earlier this morning, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson celebrated her family’s vacation with a photo of herself with her husband Willie accompanied by the Robertson’s close friends.

The Duck Dynasty family got out of town recently and took some time off from their busy lives. Evidently, it’s a full family affair, according to Korie’s photos and caption. Last night, the famous high school sweethearts and their massive crew joined friends staying in the same oceanfront town.

Korie said that there’s a total of 18 of them, and that’s just the Robertson clan. Their adopted son Will is there and so are some of their other children, their spouses, and the Robertson’s grandchildren. Their eldest son John Luke and his family of four are there as well.

Additionally, so their daughter Sadie and her husband Christian are in attendance. Therefore it’s safe to assume they brought along their infant daughter Honey as well. Further, newlyweds Jacob and Bella Mayo joined the large group for their beach trip. We’re missing a few but those are the definite beachgoers from Korie’s post.

The Duck Dynasty mom and grandmom posted two photos from their “life-giving night.” The first is of Korie and Willie with their four friends. The second picture is of John Luke, Christian, Jacob, and Will amusingly packed tight in a cold-plunge tub.

“Dinner with dear friends last night who invited our whole family over, all 18 of us!! Crazy! Such a beautiful, fun, life-giving night that ended under the stars and with all of the guys borrowing shorts to try the cold-plunge tub,” Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Says Family Vacation Off to ‘Good Start’

In another vacation post on Thursday evening, the Duck Dynasty star shared a cute photo of husband Willie and their grandson John Shepherd. The Robertson family got away from their hometown of Monroe, Louisiana and hit the beach this week for some fun and relaxation.

At the time, it wasn’t entirely clear yesterday who all went on vacation with the Duck Dynasty couple. Now we know they took a crew of 18 with them. But at the time, it was only safe to assume Korie and Willie were joined by their son and his family. John Luke and his wife, Mary Kate Robertson, share two young children together. They include their oldest son named John Shepherd and a baby girl named Ella who was born in April.

In Korie’s picture she posted on Instagram, it shows Willie chilling out in a lounge chair while little John Shepherd laying back in another. As the Duck Dynasty star shared along with the photo, the Robertson family’s time away from home has gotten off to a “good start.”

“Family vacation is getting off to a really good start,” Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram.