‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Declares the ‘Robertson Dimples Live On’ in Sweet New Pics of Sadie’s Newborn Daughter

by Evan Reier

If you get emotionally overwhelmed by adorable photos of newborns, you may want to avoid Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson’s social media.

The arrival of Honey James Huff has been a joyous occasion for the Robertson family. The clan behind Duck Dynasty have been eagerly awaiting the birth of Korie’s newest granddaughter. And after 9 months and some change, Sadie Robertson Huff gave birth to Honey on May 11.

In the days since, the Robertsons have been updating fans with pics and emotions. On May 14, Korie Robertson also added into the pile of adoration for Sadie’s first child.

Her latest post on Instagram features Sadie cradling her daughter, and poking a finger into Honey’s chubby and adorable cheeks.

“Robertson dimples live on,” Korie Robertson wrote. “Looking like her daddy, marked by her mamas dimples and killing us with her cuteness daily!”

It’s not a quite a smile, but Honey James Huff is making a face that no one could hate. The newest member of the Duck Dynasty family is already working her charm.

Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Reflects on Being Present for Honey James Huff’s Birth

In her first post after the arrival of Honey James Huff, Korie Robertson revealed a flurry of photos. Most are of her daughter and now-dad Christian Huff, but they also featured Korie and Willie getting some quality time with the newborn.

In the caption, the Duck Dynasty star spoke her truth, describing the incredible experience of seeing her daughter give birth. She also had words of optimism and positive comments about Sadie becoming a mother.

“The experience of watching your daughter give birth to her daughter…well, there are no words,” Korie wrote. “Honey James Huff you are a little miracle! We love you dearly and can’t get enough of every single detail of you.”

“Your mom is absolutely, utterly amazing, and your dad is simply the best coach and encourager ever! There is nothing those two won’t do for you! You have a whole bunch of us that couldn’t be more excited that you’re here, and are going to be loving you and rooting you on your entire life.”