‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Explains ‘Awesome’ Family Connection With Her Husband Willie’s Assistant

by Quentin Blount

If you are a loyal fan of the popular A&E television show Duck Dynasty, then you know exactly who John-David Owen is. You probably know him as “Johnny-D”. But not everyone out there knows the story behind how Johnny-D started working for the Robertsons. Or how he was even in the family’s tight-knit circle to begin with.

It all started back in Season 5 of Duck Dynasty. Willie Robertson was looking for an assistant at the time and it just so happened that his wife, Korie Robertson, had a cousin in need of a job. That cousin was John-David Owen. Willie was somewhat hesitant to hire yet another family member at first, but in the end, they gave John-David a shot. And he didn’t disappoint. Quite the opposite actually — Willie Robertson and Johnny-D got along great and still do to this day.

As a matter of fact, Johnny-D has since become a huge part of the Duck Dynasty crew. He even serves as one of the main hosts of the Duck Call Room podcast alongside, Si Robertson (Uncle Si), Justin Martin, and others. Johnny-D and the crew discussed Miss Kay Robertson getting attacked by the family dog, Bobo, during the latest episode.

Family is Everything to the Stars of ‘Duck Dynasty’

To the Robertson clan, family is everything. That’s why it was so important to Duck Dynasty mom Korie Robertson that her cousin John-David got a chance all those years ago. And it couldn’t have worked out much better. She actually took to social media on Sunday afternoon to give a shout-out to John David and to another one of her cousins after working a fundraiser event together.

“This was fun! You might know that Willie’s awesome assistant @jdowen7 is my cousin, but you might not know that another cousin of mine @heatharthur is a hilarious comedian, actor, and emcee. Well, we all got to work together last night at a fundraiser event!”

Korie Robertson, of course, is the mother of John Luke Robertson, 25, Sadie Robertson Huff, 24, and Bella Robertson Mayo, 18. She said that she is happy to once again take part in public events such as fundraisers.

“Thankful that these kinds of things are happening again, and always thankful to get to work with family!”

One Duck Dynasty fan says that he remembers Korie Robertson’s cousin from a previous Duck Commander cruise that he went on.

“I remember him from the Duck Commander cruise in 2015…he was hilarious. That cruise began my journey back to Jesus!”

Another fan left a hilarious comment. He called out John-David for doing a “crazy-eyes” face in the background of the photo.

“Johnny D’s workin them crazy eyes 👀”