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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Feels ‘Blessed’ to Share Birthday with Family

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Korie Robertson said she felt blessed to spend her 48th birthday with five generations of her family at the same table. The Duck Dynasty matriarch said that seeing them all gathered together made her feel closer to God.

Korie Robertson, her grandmother, mom, daughters, and grandchildren all posed for photos at the party. She shared them on Instagram with some things she learned over the past year and what she hopes for the year ahead.

“At 48 it truly feels like I’m just getting started,” she wrote. “Not in the sense that there’s a lot I need to achieve or that I need to check off my bucket list, but in the sense that there is so much life to live and I don’t have any idea where God is going to take us, and I love that. I trust Him completely with my life, and whatever it is, I’m game!

“Sadie asked me what I’m taking with me into this next year and what I’m leaving behind so thought I’d share. I’m taking with me more outside time, grandkids will do that to you, more walks, more throwing the ball to the dog even though it’s slobbery and never-ending, more noticing the sunset, finding the moon and the frog on the porch. What I’m leaving behind is worry. I’ve learned that I can’t control things anyway. I’m not in charge, but I follow the one who is. He loves me, He loves my husband and kids and their kids. He also loves the world. (And) He SO loved the world that he gave His only Son. I’m thinking He’s got this, and I love that I get to just lay it all at His feet.”

Sadie Robertson Thanks Mom Korie Robertson for Her Guidance

Sadie Robertson, 24, said her life mirrors her mom’s in a lot of ways. At 24, Sadie said she’s just learning what it means to be a mom, and she is realizing all of the advice she got from Korie Robertson was meant to prepare her for this moment.

Sadie shared a heartfelt thank you to her mom on Instagram during the birthday celebrations.

“Mom, you are just pure gold. You are a woman everyone who knows you looks up to and is inspired by. A woman MANY people love! A woman who loves the Lord so faithfully, and loves people so kindly. (And) a woman many people look at and say, ‘how does she do it all?’…”

Korie Robertson learned from her mom, who in turn learned it from her mother. Sadie said she’s proud to be part of the chain and hopes she can pass down that wisdom to her infant daughter, Honey Huff, as she gets older.