‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Has ‘So Much Love’ For Granddaughter Honey

by Shelby Scott
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Followers to Sadie Robertson’s Instagram account are highly familiar with the frequent appearances of the “Duck Dynasty” star’s beautiful baby daughter, Honey James. Outsiders can’t get enough of the little girl over on Sadie’s accounts. Meanwhile, Honey’s grandmother, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson is also sharing the baby love on her own Instagram page and we can’t get enough of this peanut’s smile. Check out the sweet photos below.

The proud grandma shared the photo with the sweet caption, “SO MUCH LOVE.”

As if we couldn’t see that in the pair’s broad smiles in the first photo.

“[Y]ou are too sweet for words,” Korie Robertson continued, referring to her little granddaughter. Followers to the “Duck Dynasty” star’s account couldn’t help but agree.

“So cute,” wrote one follower, while another said, “She is just the happiest little baby!”

The above comments were followed by numerous other declarations of the little girl’s beauty and happiness. Overall, the entire post boasted a whole lot of love and positivity.

Korie Robertson Speaks to the Importance of Grandparents

As a parent, you quickly come to realize how much of a role grandparents play in your little one’s life. If you’re lucky enough, those grandparents share an immense amount of love for their grandchildren. Often, they fulfill new roles as the baby grows that you never even considered.

Now, following the birth of Honey James, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson has further embraced the role of grandma. She highlighted the legacy of grandparents, and grandmothers especially. She points to the imprints they leave on their grandchildren and her post overall is incredibly heartwarming.

Robertson shared a variety of photos featuring the family’s multiple generations. However, she tributed it most directly to her own mother, Chrys Howard. The post came as the star’s mother recently wrote a book about grandparenting, entitled, “Rocking it Grand: 18 Ways to Be a Game-Changing Grandma.”

Of the book, Korie Robertson wrote, “It’s all about the impact we can have as grandparents on our grands, and the legacy we are building through family. “

However, the post became more heartwarming and meaningful as Robertson spoke of her mother, spotlighting her for a brief moment on her Instagram page.

“There is no one better to write this book,” Robertson began. “She does all of this with joy, kindness, energy, strength, and fun! She is simply the best!”

While we all may argue that our own mothers and grandmothers are the best, we nevertheless get a true sense of kinship in Korie Robertson’s post and the photos as well. Although family played a major role in “Duck Dynasty” while on the air, it’s comforting to know those same individuals remain true to those same values outside reality TV.