‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Implores Followers to ‘Do What’s Right’ in Moving New Post

by Josh Lanier

Korie Robertson is asking her fans to think about who they rely on more, themselves or God, in a new Instagram post. The Duck Dynasty mom posted a photo with her and also her husband, Willie, discussing the topics of her latest Bible study group.

“Happy Sunday!! We’ve been in Daniel these last few weeks at church,” she posted on Instagram.

“Today we were in Daniel 4 where the great King Nebuchadnezzar has this dream and then goes crazy for a while. The pastor said this, ‘Madness comes when our self-sufficiency overrides our God-dependency.’ Whoa, it struck me how ‘self’ oriented we are in our world today, self-esteem, self-confidence, the selfie generation are all common phrases, and then how much we talk about the rise of mental illness and anxiety,” Robertson wrote.

In the post, Korie quotes Scripture, particularly the story of Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar. She urged her followers to open up to God in her post, sharing her words of faith.

“Maybe what we need is … to begin to live humbly before our God. Turn away from our sins, do what’s right, be kind to the hurting. Live in full gratitude, acknowledge that every single thing is for Him, through Him, and from Him,” Robertson continued. “I hope you have some time today to open up God’s word. I promise it will bless your life!”

Sadie Robertson Gives Similar Message At SEU

Sadie Robertson-Huff gave a similar message at the Christian college SouthEastern University earlier this year. The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame are deeply religious and have used their celebrity to speak of God’s love and man’s devotion.

During her speech, Sadie tells a bible story about Joseph. She talks about the way he was called a “dreamer,” and shamed for his gifts. The Duck Dynasty daughter said she knew there were people there who needed to hear God’s gifts can’t be taken away. Nor should they be hidden.

“Some of you need to hear that because you’re sitting in the insecurity in your gifting because of something someone said five years ago,” said Robertson. “Because they were jealous, or because they wanted to start drama. Because they didn’t even know you. And you’re letting their voice be louder than the voice that God has already spoken over you.”

She implored students to use their gifts and not hide them.

“Stop sitting in the pit. God is calling you. Use your gift. Had Joseph not used his gift in the pit, he would not be able to use it in the palace,” Sadie said. “If Joseph hadn’t used the people God put in his life…how do you think he ever would have been ready to interpret pharaohs? How would he have been ready for that?”

You can watch the entire speech here.