‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Posts Incredible Series of Pics From Attending Olympics in Years Past

by Quentin Blount

We know that there is nothing more important than family for Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson. But if anything were going to come in a close second, perhaps it would be Team USA.

As she is one to usually do, Korie Robertson took to social media on Saturday afternoon. There, she explained that her family loves to cheer on her home country while watching the Olympics.

“We, along with everyone else in the world right not it seems, are under an excessive heat advisory,” Robertson began her post. “So we’re doing the only sensible thing this weekend, sitting in the air conditioning and watching the Olympics!”

If you follow Korie Robertson on social media, then you already know that she loves her four — soon to be five — grandkids. She even mentions that she is training them to cheer for the United States Olympics teams as well.

“Our family are big fans! We’ve taught the grands to chant “USA,” she said.

So where exactly does the Duck Dynasty star’s passion for the Olympics come from? Well, it seems like it may stem from back in the 1980s when she was a little girl. Robertson explained how her dad took her family to the Olympics on two different occasions. She even includes a series of photos from her time attending and they are pretty incredible.

“Our family actually went both times in my lifetime that it was held in the U.S., in LA in ’84 (I was 10) and in ATL in ’96,” Robertson explained. “USA shirts, pins everywhere, my dad even bought us a brick with our names on them in Olympic village (see last pic).”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Asks Fans What Their Favorite Thing is About the Olympics

The Duck Dynasty family isn’t the only big Olympics family out there. In her post, Korie Robertson asks her more than two million followers if they are watching the World Games as well.

“Are you watching? What’s your favorite event? Favorite thing about the Olympics? The stories, the competition, the fact that the whole world comes together, the way the athletes and coaches hug and celebrate, the families watching and crying, the good sportsmanship?!?”

Replies to Robertson’s question are still rolling in. But it turns out that there are many more Olympic families out there who cheer for the United States.

“We’ve been watching swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, and fencing,” one fan commented. “I love seeing the joy on athletes’ faces when they do well, and the stories of those bringing the first-ever Olympic medal back to their countries. Years of hard work go into the minutes that they compete. Amazing!”

For another follower, they enjoy the stories behind how the athletes got to be where they are now.

“The inspiring personal stories all of the athletes share!! Go USA!”