‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Posts Series of New Heartwarming Pics That ‘Beautifully’ Capture the Family

by Josh Lanier

Korie Robertson recently uploaded a series of photos that show just how much the Duck Dynasty family has grown this past year.

Korie Robertson showed off the growing family with her 2 million Instagram followers. And she capped off the post with a powerful quote from Mother Teresa.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. – Mother Teresa,” she captioned the post.

It seems all of the Robertsons’ children had major life events during the past year. Sadie Robertson gave birth to Honey James. John Luke Robertson and his wife had their second child, and he purchased Railway Coffee near his hometown. Bella Robertson got married to her longtime friend Jacob Mayo. And Rebecca Robertson is pregnant with her second child.

That will be Korie and Willie Robertson’s fifth grandchild. Something that Rebecca joked about when Korie announced the pregnancy to her fans.

“Time to get you a mini van!!!!!” Rebecca commented on the Instagram post.

Korie Robertson: ‘Family Vacay 2021 is in the Books’

The Robertson family also recently returned from a family vacation to Malibu, California. They visited Disneyland and took in the sights, as well as tried to relax after such a busy year. But true to form, the family doesn’t slow down. Korie Robertson shared some of their adventures from their recent trip.

“Family Vacay 2021 is in the books! 14 adults, 2 toddlers, 2 babies, 1,433 pieces of luggage, car seats, carriers, strollers, surfing, yoga, pickle ball, poker. Sand volleyball, swimming, Spider-Man, spit up, spicy uno, coffee, cows, cousins…and the sweetest memories made! I love every one of these people so very much. I love our big, swag fam. Forever grateful I get to do life with you!” the Duck Dynasty star wrote on Instagram.

Korie Robertson and her husband Willie never let a teachable moment slip by. That’s why, when they returned from their vacation, Willie sent the family a text with a challenge. Sadie Robertson, who’s become quite the motivational speaker like her parents and grandparents, shared the message with her fans.

“My dad sent us a text the day that we left family vacation that basically just rooted us in what life is about. He challenged us to take things we learned, saw, felt, and acted like on this vacation into our daily lives. It is sometimes easy to act one way in a vacation setting and another in a day to day basis when we get stressed, tired or fearful. He reminded us of our ultimate goal in life and charged us to be intentional about those things daily. It was just the best message, and when I look at my dads life he really lives the message that he preaches. I’m so grateful that he teaches us daily in his love and actions.”