‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Reveals Look at Daughter Bella’s Wedding Pics: ‘So Beautiful and Special I Could Cry’

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday afternoon, Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson revealed a new series of photos from her daughter Bella’s June wedding.

Bella and her now-husband Jacob Mayo tied the knot on Saturday, June 5. The couple got engaged back in November 2020 after dating for six months. The day after Thanksgiving last year, the teenager took to Instagram to share her excitement for the engagement.

“I was thankful for you yesterday. I am thankful for you today. And now i get to be thankful for you for the rest of my life!” Bella wrote about Jacob after they got engaged.

Seven months later, Bella and Jacob got married in a beautiful ceremony in their Louisiana hometown. In fact, her parents, Willie and Korie Robertson, welcomed guests to their farm as a section of it was turned into a temporary wedding venue.

Recently, Bella’s mom got her daughter’s official wedding pictures back from the event. The Duck Dynasty mother posted a series of 10 photos from Bella’s big day, and she couldn’t be happier about how they turned out.

“We got Bella and Jacob’s wedding pics back. Here’s a sample of images so beautiful and special I could cry. The best day, most beautiful bride, handsome groom, family, friends, love! 10 spaces here was not near enough so may be sharing more,” Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram.

Additionally, both Bella and Jacob commented on the post. Like her mother, Bella adored the photos, and Jacob hilariously joked about the serious look on his face in the seventh pic.

“Awwwww i love these so much!!! The best day!” Bella responded in the comment section of her mother’s post.

“I was not playing games in picture 7,” Bella’s groom amusingly commented.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Daughter Defends Choice to Get Engaged at an Early Age

While everyone in the Robertson household was thrilled for Bella and Jacob, not everyone else agreed with her decision to get hitched at only 18 years old. The youngest daughter of the Duck Dynasty family faced strong criticism over her engagement.

Even though the couple had only dated for about six months before getting engaged, the pair’s relationship dates back years. The two have been friends since their grade school days. Yet critics of the engagement didn’t care, and piled on the young couple for seemingly moving too fast.

Bella defended her choice to accept Jacob’s proposal in an Entertainment Tonight interview in December. She said it was her decision to make at the end of the day. Further, she referenced the fact that many in her Duck Dynasty family members have also gotten married early in life.

“We started dating because he came home from college to be here for quarantine, and that’s been a big factor,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t know if normally I would have gotten engaged to someone after six months, if we would have just met and started dating, you know? But on top of that, in the south so many people get married so young. Like, my parents got married at 18, my brother got married at 18, my grandparents married at 18. It’s very common around here so it didn’t really shock me too much about my age.”