‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Risks ‘Breaking the Internet’ With Adorable Pic of Willie With Sadie’s Daughter Honey

by Jon D. B.

The Duck Dynasty family cannot get enough of their precious newborn Honey James – and who can blame them? She’s as precious as they make ’em!

Though Duck Dynasty has been off the air for quite some time now, the Robertsons and their kin remain cultural touchstones for Outsiders. 2021 has brought a bundle of joy on that front, too, with the birth of Sadie Robertson’s adorable baby girl, Honey James Huff.

Monday, Honey’s grandmother, Korie Robertson, is sharing some of the cutest shots of Honey yet as her grandfather Willie – a.k.a. “Dubs” – sparks the biggest of smiles in the tiny nugget.

“Might be risking breaking the internet with the cuteness in these pics but had to share 😍🥰,” Korie captions the adorable shots.

Within, we see her daughter Sadie’s newborn, Honey, “picking her Dubs up from the airport, I think she was happy to see us 🤗!” Can you say “proud grandparents”? Who wouldn’t be? Look at that face!

And fan Lindsay confirms it for Duck Dynasty alum Korie Robertson with: “Omg!!! 😍😍 #internetbroken for sure!”

“She looks JUST like her Daddy!” comments follower Linda. Honey’s father, Christian Huff, will surely match her grin over this.

Fan Emilie echoes with “Oh my gosh she looks so much like her father!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Legacy To Continue On With Honey James Huff

On May 11, 2021, living ray-o’-sunshine Sadie Roberston Huff gave birth to her first child just days after her estimated due date.

Honey James Huff‘s birth was the ultimate blessing for her 23-year-old motivational speaker mom. She, nor Duck Dynasty fans, couldn’t be more thrilled with the little one’s arrival. It was quite the wait for tiny Honey, as Mom Sadie kept Instagram fans and followers up to speed on her pregnancy. On May 5, she even revealed that “Honey’s due date has come and gone and she’s still snuggled up inside of me…”

“I have to say waiting is hard… it’s hard to be patient,” she continued in that Instagram update. Thankfully, Honey wasn’t long after – and was born a beautiful, healthy baby. As for her adorable name, Sadie has told fans where it comes from:

“Gracious words are like HONEY, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. Proverbs‬ ‭16:24‬,” the Duck Dynasty alum posted in April to Instagram.

“I’ve always loved this verse,” she continued at the time. “It made me have a love for the idea of all that honey is. It’s a sweet delicacy with a strong healing component. When Christian and I started dating, we went through the book of Proverbs together, and I remember getting to chapter 16, and as I read verse 24, I said to him, “you have words like honey. they are so sweet and are healing places in my heart I didn’t even know needed to be healed.”

Outsider can’t wait to see what the life of Honey James Huff brings for her Duck Dynasty kin – and beyond!