‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Says Her ‘Heart Has Been Heavy’ in New Message Sent During ‘Family Vacation’

by Chris Haney

Late on Tuesday night, reality television star Korie Robertson shared some deep thoughts while on vacation with her Duck Dynasty family. Even though she and her family are having a fun getaway, the sad news of what’s going on in Afghanistan and Haiti has weighed heavily on her heart.

Robertson posts on Instagram often, but has been quiet the last few days on social media. She said the Robertson’s family vacation has been “beautiful and wonderful.” However, she can’t ignore the world’s suffering that has been highly publicized recently.

Haiti was recently rocked by a terrible earthquake, which has seen upwards of 2,000 people die so far as the numbers continue to rise. In Afghanistan, the Taliban has overthrown its government and millions of citizens are now left concerned for their future. The current world events have been on Korie Robertson’s mind, and she shared some thoughts on the ongoing situations.

“I’ve been quiet on here for a few days,” the Duck Dynasty mom wrote on Instagram. “We’ve been on family vacation. It’s been beautiful and wonderful, but also my heart has been heavy. The news of Afghanistan and Haiti is utterly heartbreaking. So much suffering in the world right now, it’s hard to even imagine.”

“I still haven’t quite found the words, but when I can’t find them, God’s word is where I go. This verse keeps coming to mind…don’t lose heart,” she said before adding a bible verse – 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:16-18‬.

“Praying for Afghanistan and Haiti, and for those suffering everywhere for hope, for peace, strength and for light in the darkness. #prayforhaiti#prayforafghanistan,” her post concluded.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares ‘Life-Giving Night Under the Stars’ on Vacation with Friends

Over the weekend, the Duck Dynasty star shared some lighthearted thoughts from her family’s beach vacation. The Robertson family got out of their Louisiana hometown recently for some rest and relaxation away from their busy lives. According to Korie’s photos and Instagram caption, it’s a full-on family affair.

Robertson revealed that 18 of their family members made the trip. It seems as if most of their children are in attendance with their spouses and Korie’s grandchildren in tow.

The Duck Dynasty mom and grandmom shared two pictures from their “life-giving night” with close friends who were in town as well. Her first photo is of herself and her husband, Willie, alongside their four friends. The second photo is of her sons John Luke and Will, and Korie’s two son-in-laws Christian and Jacob. The four guys are amusingly packed tight in a cold-plunge tub, but seem to be having a good time nonetheless.

“Dinner with dear friends last night who invited our whole family over, all 18 of us!! Crazy! Such a beautiful, fun, life-giving night that ended under the stars and with all of the guys borrowing shorts to try the cold-plunge tub,” Korie Robertson wrote on Instagram.