‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Sends Special Message After Completing First Season of New Show

by Evan Reier

The first season of At Home with the Robertsons is officially wrapped, and former Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson couldn’t be prouder.

The Facebook Watch program has been a joy for Korie Robertson and the family to make. A bit simpler in scope than Duck Dynasty, the show centers around Korie and Willie Robertson as well as the family at large.

However, it’s not about the ins and outs of everyone’s lives, or the success of family business Duck Commander. Rather, the show is more so conversations and stories as the Robertsons hang out at home.

However, the show has also had a variety of special guests, from Tim Tebow to Hannah Brown. When they aren’t sitting down to talk, the Robertson family is typically doing games or activities on the program.

On Wednesday June 2, Korie Robertson shared a collection of photos and words after it wrapped.

“Our first season of #athomewiththerobertsons is complete!” Robertson captioned. “Huge thank you to our crew @thetexascrew You can’t imagine what all it takes behind the scenes to make a show like this. So much planning, so many people bringing their gifts and talents and doing their job well. We loved working with all of you!

“Thank you to our fam, our kiddos, spouses, and now grandkids (we’ve grown by 2 since this season started 🤗) What an amazing life we get to live that we get to work and play together.”

While she also thanked the Facebook Watch platform, that was complemented by comments on social media and “cancel culture.”

Former Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Speaks Out on Social Media

The post served primarily as a thank you letter to cast and fans. It also served as a chance for the Duck Dynasty member to talk about something important to her.

Keeping Up with the Robertsons airs on Facebook. The nature of that means that it is airing in an inherently divisive environment. But for Robertson, the experience has taught her a new lesson about social media.

“I know social media can get a bad rap, and there are certainly things that can be harmful in these spaces,” Robertson wrote. “But I believe to a large extent it is what we make it. If the things we put out and the things we choose to spend our time watching and reading on here are things that are positive, true, good, hopeful, kind and loving, then we will see more of it! Thats it in its simplest form! So please make a commitment to put out and seek out the things in this space that are actually good for you and your neighbor and I promise you can make a difference!”

The caption, which you can see in full in the above post, goes on to thank the viewers for tuning in. To conclude the post, she doubled down on the message and also referenced her faith.

“It feels like we are all so quick to dismiss, unfollow, block…those who think differently than us,” Robertson said. “Often we are just reading a headline and passing a judgement. We hope we have made a small dent in changing that. We hope for a world where we offer one another a little more grace. Feels like that might be lacking in today’s age where “cancel culture” is alive and well. We have received the ultimate grace from Jesus Christ, and the least we can do is extend that grace to those around us. I pray that our family lives that out in public and in private, in our home when the cameras are rolling and when they are not!”