‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Treats Granddaughter Honey to First Waffle House Trip in Sweet Pic

by Josh Lanier

Once a year, Korie Robertson said she gets this overwhelming need to go to Waffle House. But this year was a little different. The Duck Dynasty mom got the chance to share her annual obsession with her granddaughter, Honey James.

The Roberson clan has gotten used to Korie’s cravings. In fact, some even look forward to it, she said.

“About once a year I just get in the mood for Waffle House and see who’s around that I can talk into going with me. @willr0b not pictured, but shoutout to him for always saying yes when this hits. it comes out of left field, but cannot be denied, ha! of course, we had to document Honey’s first trip #notanad 😂,” she captioned the photo.

A kid’s first Waffle House visit is a pretty big deal in the South. And the Robertsons are starting Honey James out early. And she seemed to love it if spit up is any indication.

Korie Robertson also wanted to know what her fans yearned for each year.

“Who is your Waffle House crew? Or what is the place you crave only once a year and have to go?” she asked on her post.

The post elicited a lot of responses.

“Once a year, I get a craving for a Cinnabon. They are so sweet I say I’ll never eat one again, and then the next year I’m there,” one fan replied. “My 10-year-old LOVES Waffle House. We have a tradition of going on Black Friday after we go look at Christmas lights,” another posted.

Someone else commented, “Burger King whopper. Have to have at least one. I regret it after.”

Korie Robertson Shares Hopeful Outlook on Future

Korie Robertson recently shared a touching tribute to her daughter Sadie Robertson and her work with Live Original. The two helped host the sold-out LO Sister Conference late last month. And Korie said several moments made her hopeful for the future.

In an Instagram post featuring some photos from the multi-day event, Korie Robertson included one that featured the baptismal pool. More than 100 girls and women were baptized in it during the event that focused on Christian fellowship and devotion.

“In case you are worried about this next generation, just know that the light was so bright in that room this weekend,” she wrote in the caption. “Revival is happening. God is here, in this time and place, doing good work through those who seek His face. He will never leave or abandon us!”

Sadie Robertson founded Live Original, and it has grown into a full-fledged movement. It’s based on her New York Times bestseller and focuses on helping women find and maintain Christian values.