‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Wishes Daughter Bella a Happy Birthday in Heartwarming Post

by Jonathan Howard

The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty is always showing how close they are. Korie Robertson recently posted a happy birthday wish for her daughter Bella. Korie is always one to post photos and memories from the family. When she gets to brag about her kids, that is always a special occasion for an Instagram post. Bella was recently married this year and is celebrating her 19th birthday.

With a slew of pictures both new and old, Robertson shared a special message to her daughter. It was a wonderful post and the pictures show that the two have been very close over the years. Korie even shares a little story or two as well.

The post read in part, “Happy Birthday, baby girl!! I will probably never stop calling you that (smile emoji with hearts) I can’t stop staring at you and thinking what an incredible woman you have become. So beautiful and wise, strong and kind. All the things I’d hope and prayed for you!”

What a year indeed. Bella went from being a Robertson to being Mrs. Mayo with her marriage to her husband, Jacob. Korie Robertson talked about what a year it has been so far for her daughter and celebrated the bond between her and her husband.

“What a sweet year this past one has been for you and what amazing things God has in store for you and Jacob in this next year and beyond! Know that I have loved you in every single moment and will love you in every single moment to come! I love watching you adventure through life, love getting to be your mom, your friend and always, always your biggest cheerleader.”

What a sweet message from Korie Robertson.

Korie Robertson, P.S. Story About Bella in Birthday Post

We all know that family member that pours on the love. Usually, it is a mother or grandmother, but it can be any family member really. Korie Robertson is always bringing out the love for her family and children in particular. However, a parent’s job is not just to love their children. Oh no, there is a secondary responsibility as well. Embarras your kids.

While Korie shared the love and kind words for her daughter throughout the Instagram post, it was the end of the caption that got the most laughs. In a sneaky, “P.S.” section after the sweet words, she shared a story about Bella.

“P.S. remember that time you dressed up like [Luke Bryan] and sang “Do I” for your audition for “grandparent’s day” at school, ha!!! I adore you!!” The post read.

Now, I think if you scroll through the pics on the post, there is a picture that looks like it was from that moment. An adolescent Bella wearing an oversized flannel and a bright orange hat. Despite the somewhat embarrassing tidbit at the end, Korie Robertson’s daughter loved the post.

Bella commented, “Awww best momma ever!!! I adore you!!! This has been such a fun year and [I] can’t wait for the next!!! luv uuuu.”

It is so nice seeing the love that the Robertson family has for each other.