‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson’s Son-In-Law’s Hilariously Ran Into Her Grandmother at the Grocery Store

by Hannah Heser

It’s always a funny moment when you run into someone in public, especially the grocery store. Recently, Korie Robertson posted a photo that shows two of her son-in-law’s running into her grandmother at the store. Furthermore, Christian Huff and Jacob Mayo are posing with Jodi in the middle of an aisle. And they all look incredibly happy to see each other.

Robertson is all about her family and when something like this happens, she just has to share it. Her most recent post shows a screenshot of a groupchat with Willie Robertson and Jacob Mayo.

Korie Robertson Shared the Memory on Her Instagram Page

From what you can see, Mayo sent a selfie of Christian, Jodi, and himself to their family groupchat. He also included some context along with the photo.

“The boys ran into mama Jo at Mack’s,” Mayo said.

Shortly after, Willie responds with “Lotta wisdom there…from one of them. Ha.” Meanwhile, the screenshot doesn’t show Robertson’s response, but she did include a heartfelt caption with her post. Check it out below.

In the caption of the post, Robertson wrote, “2 of my son-in-law’s ran into my grandmother (she’s 90!!) at the grocery store today, took a selfie, sent it to our fam group text, and then @realwilliebosshog talked smack and it totally made my day! This is what life is made of.”

As soon as Jodi Blon saw the post, she replied right away. “I was charmed,” Jodi said. “They had just finished a 6 mile run, then came shopping for their wives. Can’t beat guys like that!”

Clearly, I’m not the only one that thinks they all look very happy to see each other. Because several fans flood the comments with the same exact thing. For example, one user said, “Looks like they made her day too!”

The Duck Dynasty Star is Grateful For the Small Things

Korie Robertson always takes some extra time to appreciate the little things in life. With that said, she recently shared an adorable post with her husband, Willie. In the post, they are smiling together while surrounded by snow on a beautiful evening.

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to Robertson. She’ll celebrate every little thing, even if it’s something incredibly small. It will always be a big deal to her.

Furthermore, Roberston included the sweetest caption in the post. The caption reads: “Snow, this man, and time with sweet friends totally sold out on following Jesus are a few of my favorite things. Thankful for these past 2 days of being filled up. Love you @realwilliebosshog.”

You can admire the post right here:

A day later, Adie Camp added a meaningful comment because she enjoyed every minute with them.

“Loved being with you guys,” Camp wrote in the comments.

“Two amazing humans! Keep moving forward,” another user added.