Duck Dynasty Stars Korie and Sadie Robertson Post Family Pics from Amazing Ski Vacation

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Recently, Duck Dynasty stars Korie Robertson and Sadie Robertson and the rest of their family got out of Louisiana and hit the slopes during a fun-filled ski vacation.

The mother and daughter both shared some of their favorite moments from their trip with their millions of Instagram followers. Sadie posted a series of eight photos that captured some great family vacation memories.

The pictures include group photos of Sadie with various members of her Duck Dynasty family. She also posted some candid pictures of her and her husband, Christian Huff. In addition, Sadie even captured her husband’s goofy side as he posed laying down in the snow with his feet in the air.

Most of the Robertson family was in attendance, or at least most made it into Sadie’s photos. Her husband, sisters, mother, grandmother, and more joined together for the snowy expedition. Everyone was bundled up in the pictures, but they all had a smile on their face and looked like they were having a blast.

“A FUN TRIP WITH FUN PEOPLE🤠🤰⛷🤪,” Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram.

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Thanks Husband for Joining Her on the Slopes

The Duck Dynasty mother made sure to mark the occasion as well, just like her daughter. However, she chose to focus on her husband, Willie Robertson, with her latest ski vacation post.

We didn’t get to see Willie in any of his daughter’s ski pictures. He may not have been around for the photo ops since he’s not a huge fan of skiing, according to his wife.

The Duck Dynasty head honcho has had two knee surgeries that make it difficult for him to enjoy skiing. Therefore, he prefers to leave the slopes to the rest of the family. Korie knows it’s difficult for Willie, and thanked him for being a good sport during their vacation. He did at least join his wife on one occasion on the mountain, and Korie has the pic to prove it.

Although it’s hard to tell, that is indeed the couple behind their masks and ski equipment. Korie at least lifted her ski goggles for the pic, but Willie’s entire head is covered almost. You can barely see his nose and the top of his beard poking out between his mask and goggles. As Korie joked, she’s doesn’t think her husband is smiling underneath all his gear.

“Can you tell that I’m smiling under the mask 😁. (Willie Robertson) has had 2 knee surgeries so he’s not the biggest fan of skiing but he humored me and joined me on the mountain for a bit, and I love him for it! I’m not sure he’s smiling under there though, ha!” the reality television star posted.