‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Wishes ‘Blessings’ on Daughter Mia & Her Friends in Sweet Pic

by Chris Haney

As the school year returned earlier this week for her daughter, Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson shared a funny and heartfelt post to mark the occasion.

Missy and Jase Robertson’s daughter Mia is a senior in high school this year. Her mom can’t believe it, but Mia’s last grade school year is upon her. As school got underway this week, Mia had 13 of her friends over to the Robertson’s home. That’s no small task to have a crew of teenagers that size visiting your house. Especially as their summer is coming to an end and no one seems excited about returning to school.

The Duck Dynasty mom shared her hilarious interactions with the group with her Instagram followers on Tuesday. When she first breached the subject of their return to school, Missy was met with crickets. However, she had a solid backup plan. She baked some chocolate chip cookies for everyone and got a better response out of the group.

Additionally, she captured the moment and posted the photo of all 14 kids, including Mia, smiling ear to ear. The power of chocolate chip cookies can work miracles.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shares Her Own Parenting Advice

In an A&E interview, Missy Robertson opened up about her family. She shared about her relationship with her husband, Jase, and revealed how the couple go about parenting their three kids.

“Each of our three children… have very different personalities,” the Duck Dynasty mother explained. “And they are each accomplished in a variety of things.”

Missy went onto to detail that her oldest Reed is extremely athletic and he tends to be good at every sport he plays. Middle child Cole is more laid-back than the other two and never really seeks attention. Their third and youngest child, Mia, excels at anything musical. The couple’s only daughter takes piano lessons and loves to sing.

“It’s easy to encourage your children when it comes to their accomplishments,” Missy added.

That said, the Duck Dynasty star also made sure to point out the difference between encouragement and praise. She says they are two different things, and that your children can’t be perfect at everything they do.

“If they find they are good at something or have a special gift, we encourage them to work really hard at it and give it their best effort,” she said.