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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says That America Doesn’t Know How To Make Tea Anymore

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

During a recent episode of his show, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said that Americans don’t know how to make homemade tea anymore.

Most Duck Dynasty fans think of Phil’s brother, Uncle Si, when it comes to his signature cup full of tea. But the tea obsession runs in the family. So much so, that Phil used it as part of his advice for America recently. While many Americans seem full of stress and anger these days, Phil thinks a glass of tea would help calm their nerves.

The clip is from Episode 36 of his series “In the Woods with Phil.” In the show, he frequently dishes out advice and takes viewers into the Phil Robertson way of thinking. His thoughts on tea are just a small part of a larger message he’s trying to get across to his fans.

“Everybody’s running low on peace of mind these days,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch says. “What they ought to do is calm down, and just fix them a big pot of good, stout tea.”

Phil then proceeds to give us his simple tea recipe. There’s one no-no when it comes to producing a good cup of tea, according to Phil. Never use tap water because of the chlorine.

“No sugar. Spring water – no chlorine. I want water and tea. Not water and chlorine and tea. So I’m old school,” Robertson explains as he makes a pot of tea.

Robertson knows it can be hard to find peace of mind. However, he’s hoping those that are feeling anxious or even angry at their circumstances will take a break from it all. He tells viewers to let go of their anger, and to make themselves a pot of good tea. It may not fix all your problems, but it seems like a good start to us.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Implores Followers to ‘Forget What’s Behind You’

The Duck Dynasty star shared similar thoughts just last month imploring his fans to forget their past and work towards the future. He wants people to move on and become a better version of themselves instead of dwelling in the past. Robertson read Philippians 3:13 from the Bible before sharing his own advice.

“Okay, you lived a hellish life,” he said. “You got on everything from crystal meth to cocaine and drunkenness. Forget all that now that you’ve heard the gospel. Jesus died for you, was buried, and raised from the dead. Now that you’ve believed it, you know you have life and immortality. Forget what’s behind you. Forget it. Get on past that, leave it in the rearview mirror. And say I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus, whether you’re a man or a woman.”

Phil Robertson hasn’t shied away from his own past struggles. During his earlier years, he often came home drunk, and has admitted to cheating on his wife frequently. In fact, he had a child with one woman he had an affair with years ago. Yet he eventually realized the error of his ways, and leaned on his faith to help him realize what’s truly important in life.

“You can only run the sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll so far,” Phil Robertson said, according to PEOPLE. “It’s only when you meet Jesus and you look back at where you were that you end up saying things like, ‘What was I thinking?'”