‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Asks What Happened to ‘America’s Manhood’ in New Video

by Josh Lanier

Phil Robertson believes what’s wrong with America can be found at a coffee shop. The Duck Dynasty patriarch turned making a pot of coffee into a sermon on what he says is America’s receding manhood and lack of ‘grit.’

Robertson, who rose to fame as the shaman of duck hunting on Duck Dynasty, explained in an Instagram video that he only takes his coffee black — the darker the better. Because he will only “drink it as it is.”

As the coffee machine whirred, Robertson waxed philosophically on the perils of American men preferring “foam on the top Coollatas or whatever they’re called” to a stiff cup of Joe.

“You know why I like my coffee black? Because I drink it as it is. I drink it as it is,” he said. “What we need is more men in America that tell it like it is. They do what is right no matter where they are. They are what they are. We’re losing that at an alarming rate. Maybe some will consider getting back to it.”

The duck hunting master said it was time for men step up and start “acting like men.”

“But it’s a hard sell in America,” he said. “Everybody’s turned left, and the next thing you know, grown men are acting like women — scared of a black cup of coffee. It’s pathetic to watch.”

Robertson: Americans Need to Look to History

Phil Robertson says he believes America is dying because of its desire for comfort over commitment. He wants to return to a time similar to when the Pilgrims came to the United States. Back when folks lived off of the land, worked hard, and built a life for themselves.

“What America needs, simply put, is more manliness, more boldness, more grit,” he said. “We need to look back and instead of trying to rewrite and erase our history, we need to look back at our history and say ‘I’ll tell you what, those were some men who came across here and settled America.

“(They were) hard-working, living off the land, trapping beavers, otter. This thing started on the backs of hunters, fishermen, trappers. That’s how we started! Look up 240 years later, and you wonder, ‘What in the world happened to America’s manhood and its boldness?’ Can’t even stand a black cup of coffee these days.”