‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Blasts ‘Our Culture’ as ‘Pathetic’ in New Video

by Josh Lanier

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson took aim at the current state of the world in his latest video, attacking people who “follow fools” and don’t “stand up for what is right.”

In a clip from the latest episode of In the Woods, a series for Blaze TV, Robertson reads from Proverbs and says society is in a shabby state.

“I’m looking at our culture right now and I just shake my head and I think ‘pathetic,'” he said. “… There’s no right or wrong. The prisons are just brimming, just overflowing. There ain’t no right or wrong. ‘I haven’t done anything bad. I mean, he had plenty of money, he’s not going to miss the few dollars I stole from him.'”

Reading from the Bible, he quotes Proverbs 14:9. “They mock at making amends for sin,” he said. “… If you look at the robbery and what people are doing via that internet on how to slick you out of some money. I just shake my head and say, ‘Man, I’d wish they’d read Proverbs and live by it.'”

Phil Robertson implies that some people don’t or won’t be saved. So, he pleads with teenagers and “college bucks” to stand up for what is right. And he implores them “not to follow a foolish man” into doing something they know is wrong and to say something when they know it’s wrong.

“Take a stand,” he said. “I’m not going to go out there and act a fool. I stay away from fools. But they’re everywhere.”

Anything short of that leaves them vulnerable to going down a dark path.

“You get out of life pretty much what you put into it,” he opines. “You’d have a lot of peace of mind if you just obeyed what God said.”

Phil Robertson Talks Creationism Over Big Bang

Phil Robertson said that people who believe in the Big Bang dismiss the possibility of God’s love. Either way, he said, there’s a “six-foot-hole waiting on you.” But for believers of the Bible, there is a chance at a “future beyond this era.”

He mocked the idea of the Big Bang, saying that no one knows how the universe was formed.

“So, you’re going to look at me with a straight face and tell me you know there was an explosion 13.5 billion years ago,” he said with a laugh. “You don’t know what happened 13.5 billion years ago, and I don’t either. I just, by faith, understand that God made the universe.”

Phil Robertson said it’s impossible to know either way, but he believes that God created the Earth, which is enough for him.

“God said he’ll give you eternal life,” he said. “The ones who say the thing exploded … they have no chance. None.”