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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Breaks Quarantine: Here’s Why

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Patrick Smith / Stringer)

Phil Robertson broke quarantine for the first time this week. The Duck Dynasty star took to Instagram to share that he left the house for a trip to the dentist’s office.

The 74-year-old Robertson family patriarch uploaded a snap showing him horizontal on the dentist’s chair. He shared the photo with the caption: “Well, that’s one way to end the quarantine. First trip to town in months…”


It’s unclear as to why Phil sought oral care. However, the trip was clearly necessary enough to make him venture outside his home for the first time since the quarantine started.

Phil’s Long Lost Daughter

Phil’s trip away from home isn’t the only big event in his life recently. A few weeks ago, he learned of his long lost daughter, Phyllis.

The “Unashamed” podcast had an extramarital affair with Phyllis’ mom during a dark time in Phil’s life in 1975. Phil’s eldest son, Al, reflected on this period of his father’s life. “I realized that my parents were really going through a terrible time in their marriage,” he said while speaking with Fox News. “Our family was just totally a mess. Dad was off and we didn’t really see him much. But Mom, she wasn’t drinking and drugging and living this lifestyle, so she remembered a lot more about details, about the situation.”

Al, explains that his father made serious life changes when Phyllis’ mother was pregnant. “The same year that she was born, he was reborn, in the sense that he became a different person, which Phyllis says gives her a lot of peace of mind even now, knowing that he changed,” Al said.

Earlier in the month, reports surfaced that Phyllis is moving her family to West Monroe, La. to make up for the lost time. Despite the situation, the Robertson family immediately embraced Phyllis. “We just had an instant connection and we were thrilled that she found us and we found her,” Al said.

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