‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Has Perfect Burger Recipe For Your Memorial Day Cookout

by Matthew Wilson

Celebrate this Memorial Day, the “Duck Dynasty” way. Series star Phil Robertson is here for all your burger needs and knows how to craft the perfect burger.

In this video from March, Robertson goes through all the surefire methods to craft the perfect burger. As what has become Robertson’s specialty, you won’t find a lot of special ingredients in a “Duck Dynasty” burger. But you will find a lot of love and devotion to the craft.

For one, Robertson likes to buy all of his ingredients fresh on the day he plans to cook. The “Duck Dynasty” star believes that helps his sandwiches taste better.

“If you’re going to have hamburgers, buy your lettuce, tomatoes, meat, buy everything the same day you’re going to make the burgers. Fresh,” Robertson said in the video.

Likewise, the only spices he uses is good old fashion salt and pepper. Other ingredients you need is hamburger meat, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese of your choice, buns, and peanut oil. Robertson recommends cooking the hamburger meat in peanut oil. But he also said canola oil works too if you’re allergic to peanuts.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Cooks Burgers

One of the tricks to Phil Robertson‘s burgers is to get the heat scorching. Robertson likes to use a gas-powered stove. And he likes the heat all the way up. As he says in the video, a good burger requires a room full of smoke to get the job done.

“When you’re cooking hamburgers and you want to cook them right, you have to have the fire so hot that you will have a smoke-filled room,” Robertson said. Of course, the reality star agreed that you could use an air conditioner or open the door to get the smoke out of the room.

Another essential is having a thin patty instead of a thick one. Robertson eye-balled the meat, squashing it down with only one pat instead of multiple. He also only flips his patties once in the pan, allowing each side to cook evenly.

After he flips once, Robertson salts and peppers the meat. He then adds his cheese and hamburger bun in the pan as well. Finally, Robertson will remove the oil from the pan before he flips his burgers. He then will flip once again to allow the buns to toast without soaking up any grease. He removes the burgers and bottom layers of the buns and then toasts the top portion of the buns in the pan.

Put all that together and you have Robertson’s signature burger.