‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Poses with Mia After Surgery: ‘Girl, You Are Beautiful’

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson took to social media on Sunday evening to post an emotional photo with his granddaughter, Mia.

The daughter of Jase Robertson and granddaughter of Phil Robertson, Mia Robertson has been through much more than a person her age should have to go through. Mia was born with a cleft palate, which is an opening or split in the roof of the mouth. This occurs when the tissue doesn’t fuse together during development in the womb.

And at 17-years-old, Mia Robertson has already had to endure 14 surgeries, the first of which came when she was just three months old. However, she recently underwent another surgery and Phil Robertson was finally able to visit her. He posted a pic with his granddaughter on his official Twitter account.

“I saw Mia today and told her, ‘Girl, you are beautiful,'” Robertson wrote on Twitter. “It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since her surgery, and she’s doing great. Thank you for all the prayers.”

Duck Dynasty fans on Twitter replied to Robertson, wishing his granddaughter a speedy recovery.

One fan, James Malone (@jmalonepr), said he knows what recovering from surgery is like, and gave the young Robertson a word of advice.

“Hope she is okay, kids having surgery, heck Im old man and had 3 myself, so know what she is going thru,” Malone wrote. “Hang in there Mia, it stinks yes, but hope went great and be back being a kid and havin fun soon! think positive and youll get thru it! to help sending you Irish blessing!!”

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Young Mia Remains Positive

According to her parents, Mia Robertson has a long road ahead to a full recovery. Her father Jase Robertson explained that during the most recent procedure, doctors had to effectively break her jaws to set the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward. And to make matters worse, she was not prescribed any pain killers after. That is because “she needs her wits about her” in case of a choking hazard.

Meanwhile, the Robertson family also started a foundation in their daughter’s honor, called The Mia Moo Fund. And they regularly post updates on the official Mia Moo website.

On The Mia Moo Fund’s Instagram page, they explain how refreshing it is to see similar faces within the doctor’s office. 

“What a blessing to see these familiar faces and hear their sweet greetings and genuine interest in her activities and interests each time we have to make these visits,” Missy Robertson wrote. “It has been a comfort to this mom. Especially when I know that each visit means more changes, more discomfort, more risk for my child.”

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