‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Posts Photos From Normandy Beach Visit Along With Moving Memorial Day Message

by Josh Lanier

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame asked his followers to remember the sacrifice of American soldiers on this Memorial Day.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch posted a photo from the beach at Normandy, one of the sites of the D-Day landing in World War II. He also included a photo of thousands of American graves buried in that French soil from that terrible day.

“I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I visited Normandy.

“It took my breath away to see grave after grave of men who laid down their lives to defeat evil. Almost 10,000 are buried over there, far from home, and over 1,500 went missing,” he continued.

“Remember our fallen warriors, teach your children love and gratitude, and join us in praying for the families of the fallen.”

He also pinned the Bible passage John 15:13 to the post also. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

America, with the aid of Britain, Canada, and other allied nations, was able to break through the German offenses and begin to end the war in the European theater. But it came at a great cost.

The scale, scope, and devastation remembered at the memorial are awe-inspiring and heartbreaking. Thousands of allied troops died in the assault. But those numbers were far less than some had feared. Allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower said casualties of the 150,000 men who landed on those beaches could be as high as 75 percent, History.com said. Thankfully, they weren’t.

The June 6, 1944 D-Day landing remains one of the largest and most intricate military operations in modern history.

Other ‘Duck Dynasty’ Member Honors Military

Phil Robertson wasn’t the only Duck Dynasty cast member to honor the military on Memorial Day.

Duck Dynasty star Korie Robertson also paid her respects by posting a heartfelt message on her Instagram to her 2 million followers.

“Remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. May we honor their lives today and every day by living with gratitude for this great country, always working to make it a better place, and by never taking for granted the freedoms that we enjoy.”

The Robertson family has made no secret of their love of the military. Uncle Si, the loveable yet eccentric member of the family, served in Vietnam. Several members of the family have gone on USO tours to meet with soldiers fighting overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.