‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says ‘Problem With America’ Is We Don’t ‘Cook Rice Anymore’

by Halle Ames

Has Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson solved the “problem with America?” Well, maybe not exactly.

In regards to America’s problems, the dwindling number of times Americans cook rice wasn’t exactly at the top of the list. Actually, it didn’t make the list at all…

Phil Robertson appeared on his Youtube channel once again Saturday to condemn America for its rice cooking abilities. Since Phil Robertson and the rest of his family are very faith-oriented, Robertson says to have enough food for a guest and to “practice hospitality.”

“Romans 12: ‘offer your bodies as a living sacrifice.’ I’m here in the morning cooking rice. If I just cook it for me and Ms. K and somebody drops by or two drop by, four drop by, we’ve got plenty of rice. The problem with America, they don’t cook big pots of rice anymore,” Robertson says in the video.

“If more than that (12) show up, you get a bigger pot,” notes Phil Robertson, who says always to be ready to help others because you never know when they are going to come knocking.

As for how to properly cook rice, Robertson reveals his signature technique.

Phil Robertson or The Cooking Channel?

First, Robertson adds four cups of rice to a large pot, along with seven cups of water and one cup of chicken broth. The Duck Dynasty star says to measure it out precisely. This isn’t a time for eyeballing it.

However, now Phil Robertson opens a container of salt and generously sprinkles some in the pot.

“We are going to bring that to a boil. It’s going to go way up here,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch holds his hand to the top of the pot. “And it’s going to go all the way down the bowl. When the foam reaches the top of the rice, we are going to turn the fire on low, put a lid on, never look at it again. Don’t stir it, and don’t look at it.”

He is very stern about not looking at the rice, especially about not taking the lid off. It’s basically a cardinal sin in Robertson’s book.

Simmer the pot of rice for about six to eight minutes. After that time, you turn the “fire out” and “go watch TV” while the rice cools for 10 to 15 minutes—such specific instructions.

He notes that the amount of rice he is cooking will feed 12, so maybe measure accordingly if it is just you for dinner tonight. Or don’t. This is a judgment-free zone here.