‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Speaks Out About His Faith in Fourth of July Weekend Video

by Keeli Parkey

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is not shy about speaking out about his Christian faith. He did so during the popular reality television show, he has done so at public speaking events, and he continues to do so on his YouTube channel.

Robertson’s latest video was posted over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. It is titled “What Really Happens When You Come to God.” In it, Robertson talks about the comfort his Christian faith can provide those who believe.

“When you are going through misery, grief, and the fear of your life – God is always there through his spirit. He’s given you – Jesus called the Holy Spirit ‘your comforter.’ He’s going to be there to comfort you,” the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch shares.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says His Christian Faith Makes Believers ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’

His Christian faith also brings joy, according to Phil Robertson.

“Jesus goes on and dies on the cross. He’s buried, raised from the dead, stayed 40 days, went back into heaven. He’s conquered death. The misery is over. God has delivered his son and raised him from the dead. … Boy, now everybody’s happy, happy, happy,” the “Duck Dynasty” star says.

Robertson later says, “Joy. Without God, you’ll get to where you can’t laugh. Nothing is funny anymore. Life is just a miserable existence and no help. You turn to God – help’s on the way.

Phil Robertson then goes on to offer his understanding of how the role of Jesus as a mediator between Christians and their God is a “comfort.”

“The Book of Acts comes along and Luke recorded Jesus leaves goes back to the Father where he’s mediating for us 24/7. A lot of comfort in that,” Robertson shares. “You say if he wasn’t there to mediate for us when we make a mistake as a Christian, we’re dead again. No. Since he’s there to mediate for us he keeps you alive. The sins don’t stick. He removes your sin. And, he will continue to do so the rest of your life on Earth.”

Phil Robertson Says God is ‘There to Help You Out’

The “Duck Dynasty” patriarch also says that God offers assistance to those who believe.

“It’s comforting. He’s the God of compassion,” Robertson shares. “He doesn’t want anyone to perish, but everybody to be saved, come to repentance. Repent. Turn to God. He’s there to help you out.”

He also believes that the God of the Christian faith loves those who believe in him and that God will give followers peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

You can watch “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson talk about this Christian faith in his “What Really Happens When You Come to God” video below. The video is part of an episode of his “In the Woods with Phil” series. The episode is available on BlazeTV.