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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Speaks Out About ‘Ungodly Behavior in America’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

During the most recent episode of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson‘s online show, he touched on America’s “ungodly behavior” in an impassioned clip addressing his fans.

Episode 778 of In the Woods with Phil released earlier last week. Robertson felt compelled to speak on certain things that were bothering him about our nation. In a five-minute clip of the show shared on his YouTube channel, the reality TV star opened up by reading the book of Matthew.

Robertson shared his message of faith and explained why he’s a follower of Christ. He thinks Americans would be better off if they leaned more on their faith, instead of ignoring the gospel and its teachings.

“I didn’t see him, I just hear that they did,” Robertson says as he points to his Bible. “I believe it. Faith comes from hearing the message, the message that saves you. The person, Jesus, came down to save you – from your sin, and from the grave for crying out loud. You want eternity? Well, here it is.”

“I’m looking at the behavior of the United States of America, and I’m like ‘What in the world? Come on America.’ I’m almost to the point of beggin’ them,” the Duck Dynasty star added before reading more scripture.

In the Woods with Phil airs on Blaze TV, but fans can also check out clips and highlights of the show on Robertson’s YouTube channel here.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Implores Followers to ‘Forget What’s Behind You’

While his days on Duck Dynasty might’ve been a bit more lighthearted, Phil Robertson tackles numerous serious subjects on In the Woods with Phil. The 75-year-old from Louisiana frequently speaks to his followers and fans about faith and how to live a better and more enriched life.

A couple months ago, Phil pleaded with his fans that may have a troubled past. He wants them to move forward from their past and focus on the future. Robertson read aloud Philippians 3:13 from his Bible before sharing further advice.

“Okay, you lived a hellish life,” Robertson said. “You got on everything from crystal meth to cocaine and drunkenness. Forget all that now that you’ve heard the gospel. Jesus died for you, was buried, and raised from the dead. Now that you’ve believed it, you know you have life and immortality. Forget what’s behind you. Forget it. Get on past that, leave it in the rearview mirror. And say I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus, whether you’re a man or a woman.”

The Duck Dynasty patriarch has been open about his own struggles in the past. While a younger man, he frequently returned home drunk, and has been transparent about his infidelity. In fact, he even shares a child with another woman who he had an affair with years back. However, Phil Robertson leaned on his faith to help him get through his tough times, which also helped him realize what’s truly important in life.

“You can only run the sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll so far,” Phil Robertson said, according to PEOPLE. “It’s only when you meet Jesus and you look back at where you were that you end up saying things like, ‘What was I thinking?’”