‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Tells Story of Officiating Homeless Couple’s Wedding with Hilarious Interruption

by Chris Haney

During the most recent episode of his podcast, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson opened up about officiating a homeless couple’s wedding and the hilarious situation that interrupted their proceedings.

Phil and his son, Jase Robertson, co-host the Unashamed podcast together. The newest episode released earlier this evening, and immediately got into Phil’s recent unique experience. This past weekend, Robertson officiated a homeless couple’s wedding – on his home’s property in Louisiana.

Robertson works with the homeless through his church. In addition, they share their faith with those in their local Louisiana community and try to help them whenever they can. A homeless man and woman wanted to get married, and Phil offered his property and ministerial services to the couple.

Yet while the humble service took place on the Robertson’s property, a handful of dogs amusingly almost ruined the ceremony. Someone pulled up to their house in the middle of the service and had two pit bulls in their car. The car windows were cracked just enough to where they could get their snouts out and bark away. That got the attention of Phil’s wife Miss Kay’s three dogs: Freaky, Sneaky, and Bobo.

“About the time I said, ‘We’re gathered here today in the great state of Louisiana to unite these two…’ (*Phil impersonates the sound of dogs growling and barking). And the dogs drowned me out,” the Duck Dynasty patriarch said.

“We had Sneaky, Freaky, and Bobo, all three of them… out there in the yard acting like they’re fixing to hurt these pit bulls,” he continued. “My thinking was, if those pit bulls somehow get out of that vehicle, we’re gonna have dead dogs scattered all over this yard.”

“The wedding guests were all looking around like, ‘What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?'” Phil hilariously added.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Wants Followers to ‘Forget What’s Behind You’

The Duck Dynasty star not only works within his community, but he also shares advice with his fans and followers often. He recently implored his fans to forget their past in hopes of looking ahead at a brighter future. In the YouTube clip, Robertson read Philippians 3:13 from the Bible before dishing out some wisdom of his own.

“Okay, you lived a hellish life,” he said. “You got on everything from crystal meth to cocaine and drunkenness. Forget all that now that you’ve heard the gospel. Jesus died for you, buried and raised from the dead. Now that you’ve believed it, you know you have life and immortality. Forget what’s behind you. Forget it. Get on past that, leave it in the rearview mirror. And say I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus, whether you’re a man or a woman.”

Phil Robertson has had his own trials and tribulations in the past. As a younger man, Phil had a drinking problem. He’s also been open about his issues with infidelity. Yet his faith helped bring him back to the right path and salvage his marriage.

“You can only run the sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll so far,” Phil Robertson said, according to PEOPLE. “It’s only when you meet Jesus and you look back at where you were that you end up saying things like, ‘What was I thinking?’”