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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Says He Wants ZZ Top Played At His Funeral

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

One of the most easily identifiable characteristics of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is his beard. His easily recognizable facial hair puts him in league with one of the most famous bands in the history of rock and roll. That band, of course, is ZZ Top.

As fans of the famous rock group are aware, its members have been mourning the loss of bassist Dusty Hill. Robertson joined Hill’s bandmates, friends, and family in honoring the late rock star’s life during his funeral. Robertson was tasked with giving Dusty Hill’s eulogy.

And, according to what Phil Robertson had to say during a recent YouTube video, he wants his brothers of the beard to perform at his funeral after he passes away. The famous Robertson family and ZZ Top share a close connection. Not only was the famous band’s song, “Sharp Dressed Man” used as the theme song of “Duck Dynasty,” the family and band became close over the years.

The conversation Phil had with son Jase during the recent view led the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch to share details of what he wants at his own funeral after he passes on.

“When I pass on, it will be up to you two,” Phil Robertson also said. “I wouldn’t mind it if you throw a little ZZ Top in there. I’d rather have that than the church choir. I mean, I just, oh, it’s a connection there.”

His father’s specific funeral wish drew a laugh from Jase Robertson. But, he also promised his father that he would try to respect this funeral wish.

“So, I’ll make a note,” Jase also said.

Phil Robertson Calls ZZ Top Member ‘A Godly Man’

“Make a note – when I’m gone, put ZZ Top in there,” Phil Robertson reiterated to his son. “I think (ZZ Top guitarist and vocalist, Billy) Gibbons is a godly man, too. We’ve all had our struggles through work, through this life.”

You can watch “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson talk about his funeral plans in the YouTube video below. His comments about how he wants ZZ Top to play at his funeral begin around the 16:30 mark of the video.

Phil Robertson said he wasn’t the only member of his family to seek at the funeral of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. Willie Robertson, one of his sons, also spoke. And Phil was happy with what his son had to say.

“So, I spoke. Willie (Robertson) was there right before me,” Phil shared. “I thought Willie did a good job. So, they asked him to do so.”

Phil also recounted his family’s history with ZZ Top.

“I saw (Billy) Gibbons. You know, we’ve met him before through ‘Duck Dynasty.’ The, our, theme song was, you know, ‘Sharp Dressed Man.'”

Unsurprisingly, Phil’s son, Jase Robertson, wanted to know if “Shart Dressed Man” was played during the recent funeral of ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill.

“They stayed with the church choir,” Phil Robertson shared.

Dusty Hill passed away in July at his home in Houston, Texas.