‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson’s Man Cave: Take a Tour of the Impressive Space

by Josh Lanier

Phil Roberton gave fans a tour of his man cave on the most recent episode of In the Woods with Phil. The Duck Dynasty patriarch explained he built the structure not as a sanctuary for the men of the family, but for their wives.

It began years ago when early one morning around 5 a.m. when Jace Robertson wanted to check his duck call before a hunt. So, he blasted the call a few times and then left for the hunt. When they returned, Phil Robertson’s wife, Miss Kay, had left a note on the door, Phil recalled.

“Whoever blew that duck call this morning at 5:00 is in trouble and they better not do it again.” It was signed “The Cook.”

Phil said he realized the threat right away even if his boys didn’t. Lunch wouldn’t be waiting on them when they got back if they ever blew a duck call in the house that early again.

“So because of my love for my little woman … I said you know what ‘I’m gonna go over there fix me a little place where all the guys come in here before daylight five in the morning,’ you know,” he said. “They do whatever they want to do: chewing tobacco, making hot coffee, you know, blowing their duck call. Here every man for himself, you’re free to do what you want to do. The women love it when they saw me load it all up and come here.”

That’s how the Duck Dynasty “man cave” came to be. Well, it’s less a man cave and more a man hangar filled with four-wheelers, beds, televisions, and their hunting gear. It’s also just a place where “men can be men,” he said.

Robertson Also Uses It as a Place for Redemption

But it’s also a place of salvation. Phil Robertson, a devout Christian, said hundreds of men have stayed there over the years.

“Primarily this is used for a few hundred visitors from time to time place they can sleep,” he said. “Now the guys are coming out of these rehabs rehabilitated, which really does you no good to be rehabilitated if you’re not redeemed. See, redemption — God does that.”

So, Phil handpicks the people to take part in his program. He gives them Bible lessons, food, and a place to stay, and some money. They even go on hunts with the Robertsons. The point is to show them grace as they repent for their sins, he said, and become “born again.”

He said he pays for all of it himself.

“I’m just helping out my fellow man trying to get them to where they’re productive citizens,” he said. “Say what you want, but the rehabs are full, the mental wards are full, and the prisons are full. We’re here to help so we help the rehabbers that stay here.”