‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Details Criticism She Received During Her Modeling Stint

by Keeli Parkey

As a youngster, Sadie Robertson rose to fame thanks to her family’s popular television show “Duck Dynasty.” As she got older, she decided she wanted to try modeling. Sadly, her experience was not as fun as she had hoped.

In fact, the now 23-year-old mother-to-be has said that she faced some criticism that was very, very, very painful to hear about her body and how she looked, according to HollywoodLife.com. Robertson talked about her brief modeling stint during an episode of her family’s new Facebook Watch series “At Home With The Robertsons.”

On this episode, she opens up about her modeling experience with Hannah Brown of “Bachelorette” fame. During their conversation, Robertson talks about how despite the fact that she was very thin at the time, she was still advised that she was not thin enough.

“I did modeling for a little bit and it was so hard,” Robertson said. “And I remember the guy came and grabbed my side and said, ‘if you would just (lose) 10 pounds, you would look like a real model.'”

This criticism was very painful for the young “Duck Dynasty” star. And, who can blame her for feeling that way? It would be very painful for anyone to receive such criticism.

“I was really tiny. It really hurt me,” Robertson also said. “And I was like, ‘oh man, that really messed with me.’ … I hate that part of it. I don’t think it’s the pageant’s fault or modeling (industry’s) fault but I think that’s how we do it …. and how we treat it.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Also Faced Other Criticism During Modeling Career

This wasn’t the only incident that upset the “Duck Dynasty” star during her modeling days.

In addition to being criticized for her weight, Robertson was also criticized for how her face looked. During this “At Home With The Robertsons” episode, she also talks about this incident with Hannah Brown.

This incident took place at what was supposed to be a “no makeup photoshoot.”

However, things did not turn out that way, Robertson said.

“I remember I was doing a no makeup photoshoot and I was so excited because I was like, ‘I get to show girls that this is what I really look like,'” she added. “I got there, and the photographer said, ‘she doesn’t really have a face for no makeup.’ And they called in the makeup team and I was just crushed.”

Of course, she was crushed. Who wouldn’t be? Hopefully, with the upcoming arrival of her child with her husband Christian Huff, she can put her modeling past behind her.

You can watch Sadie Robertson talk about her modeling days during the April 15 episode of the new show. “At Home With The Robertsons” can be viewed via Facebook Watch. Judging by the trailer for the show, there will be some pretty famous faces – and some familiar ones – join in. You can watch the trailer below.