‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Drops ‘Casual’ Pic With Her Newborn and Recently Married Sister Bella

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff posted a “casual” picture with her sister Bella and her newborn baby Honey about how her life has changed.

In the photo, Robertson and sister Bella sit at the bleachers with Robertson’s infant. The duo was watching their respective husbands play baseball together. Both men beamed with catcher’s mitts in the second photo that Roberson shared.

But Robertson can’t believe how much has changed in a short while. For one, she’s a mother now. Robertson recently celebrated the birth of her first child with her husband Christian Huff. Robertson’s younger sister Bella also recently tied the knot as well. She married her childhood sweetheart Jacob Mayo in an intimate occasion for the large Robertson household. The couple recently returned from their fun-filled honeymoon together.

On Instagram, Sadie wrote, “it’s casual… just two sisters watching their husbands play ball with a real baby in the stroller… excuse me WHAT!!!?!?!?”

On top of it all, Sadie Robertson also recently turned 24-years-old. In a separate social media post, Robertson reflected on her life and celebrating with her family and friends. She has a lot to be grateful for.

“24 is looking real good. Thank you every one for the birthday wishes and all the love. It truly means so much and is so kind! I’m so grateful for another year of life!!! I’m grateful for my family, friends, and my faith that continues to carry me throughout the years with hope and joy! God is good and I’m going to bed very thankful tonight,” she posted on Instagram.

‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson on Motherhood

Sadie Robertson is still adjusting to life as a mother. Like most things in her life, Robertson has been documenting her journey on social media. She’s posted plenty of photos of herself and baby Honey, inviting followers to join along. The “Duck Dynasty” star summed up her experiences and thoughts on being a mother in a few choice words.

For Robertson, being a mother is tied strongly to her faith and her hope for the future.

“It’s amazing to look at these pictures and notice the way we look at our baby and think about the love that God has for us,” Robertson said. “The way he feels when he looks down at us with perfect love. The thought of perfect love has become completely overwhelming. Our love for Honey, although the strongest love we’ve felt, is flawed. It is tangled up with fear and our own selfish ways, yet it is all that we have to give.”