‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Says Due Date Has ‘Come and Gone’: ‘Still Waiting’

by Evan Reier

Due dates are always an estimation, and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is learning that firsthand as hers recently passed.

The 23-year-old motivational speaker and personality has been gearing up for the birth of her first child. While we know the child’s name and gender, a daughter named Honey James Huff, it is still not quite time.

On Wednesday May 5, Sadie Robertson Huff updated her fans on Instagram about her experience.

Huff offers a detailed caption, but it appropriately starts with, “WAITING.”

“Honeys due date has come and gone and she’s still snuggled up inside of me,” Robertson Huff said. “I have to say waiting is hard… it’s hard to be patient. it’s hard to sit in the uncomfortably of being “almost” to a miracle you’re waiting for. It’s hard when you pray and pray and pray but nothing seems to be happening. But I’ve realized my prayers are for my will, my wants, my timing, and out of my rush…”

There’s no doubt it’s not only frustrating to wait, but also the natural worries of any prospective parent have to be concerning. Considering the beautiful, but heavy process of having a child, it’s only natural.

This is what the former Duck Dynasty star says she is realizing. As always, her faith in God is the thing she says is guiding her through the process.

“I have to say in the waiting I’ve become new,” Robertson said. “I’ve become stronger. I’ve become healthier. waiting has changed my prospective… i’ve realized that it’s not my will, but it is His that will be done. And it is His that I truly want.”

Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson Using Music to Help with Waiting

Music is a motivator, band-aid and perspective changer. Just about every moment could have a soundtrack, even the one Sadie Robertson Huff finds herself in.

Which is why she’s been utilizing contemporary Christian group Maverick City to help her out. She said one song in particular, “Wait On You,” spoke to her and turned “casual listening” into worship.

She added the lyrics to her post:

““I’m gonna wait on You
I’vе tasted Your goodness
I’ll trust in Your promise”
“They that wait on the Lord
Shall renew, renew their strength
They shall mount up, up on wings
Like an eagle and they’ll soar
They shall walk and not get weary
They shall run and not faint
That’s what happens when you wait

One can only imagine what Sadie’s mind must be like, so it’s hard not to be happy that she’s taking comfort in a song.

She concluded the post by reflecting on the lesson learned from “Wait On You,” and connected with others who are “waiting.”

“So, now I will wait and not complain – I will wait and praise – I will wait and get stronger,” Robertson Huff wrote. “I will wait and rejoice in His timing. I will wait and welcome you into the story believing for what’s to come will become a testimony of His goodness. For those of you waiting… I hope this meets you right where you are at.”