‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Feels ‘Touch of Heaven’ in Moving New Photos

by Quentin Blount

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson held her Live Original (LO) Sister conference over the weekend and based on her recent photos, it was powerful.

This weekend marked an important one for fans of the popular A&E series, Duck Dynasty. Especially for the fans out there who love Sadie Robertson. The 24-year-old held her long-anticipated LO Sister conference for the first time in person. It didn’t take long for the event, which was held in her hometown in Lousiana — to sell out. And it was everything it was chalked up to be.

For those out there who don’t know, Sadie Robertson founded the LO Sister app. It’s a platform that allows her to provide encouragement and resources for women to be their most “original” selves and be the person that God created them to be. As a matter of fact, the LO Sister motto is, “When we know Whose we are, we have a better understanding of who we truly are.”

The Duck Dynasty star took to social media early on Sunday evening to post moving photos from the conference. She begins her post with an emphatic quote.


As you can see in the photos down below, those in attendance at the LO Sister conference are obviously emotional. Robertson says that over 108 people were baptized over the weekend.

“I’m sure that I will have more words to come, but it is hard to describe a touch of Heaven,” she said. “In short, it felt like childlike freedom. In a world so heavy right now I’m thankful for an eternal hope and a glimpse of what that looks like. 108 baptized over 1,000 forever changed.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Comment on Moving Photos from ‘LO Sister’ Conference

Sadie Robertson has more than 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone, so it’s safe to say that she has an impressive fan base. However, there were only a select few that were able to attend her LO Sister conference over the weekend. But for those lucky ones, it looked like an experience of a lifetime.

It even sounds like Sadie’s sister Rebecca Rebecca Robertson was also at the retreat. She left a comment on Sadie’s post saying, “Such an incredible weekend!”

Other fans, meanwhile, were just as blown away. Robertson’s post has already gotten over 150,000 likes in just the first couple of hours since going live. Several people left messages like, “Amazing,” “Just in awe!!!!” “Let’s goooooo,” and “Wow cryin.”

And finally, another person left a message saying, “PROUD OF YOU AND THANKFUL FOR HIS PRESENCE.”

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