‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Introduces Her Whole Family: ‘Nice To Meet Ya’

by Chris Haney

Late Thursday night, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff introduced her little family to the world in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Sadie’s more than 4.5 million fans and followers on Instagram see her family often in her posts. She frequently shares photos with her parents and siblings. In addition, she also posts about her husband, Christian Huff, and their newborn daughter, Honey.

The Duck Dynasty daughter took a moment last night though to formally introduce her own growing family. In fact, she made sure to include their tiny white dog as well. Sadie shared an adorable photo of the four of them together and added a lengthy caption.

“Some new people here so allow us to introduce ourself :-) *insert hand shake,” she wrote on Instagram before introducing her husband. “I’m married to the cutie in the back Christian! He loves working out, playing tennis, going on walks with his girls and JESUS!”

“That little fur ball is Cabo! We named her after our honeymoon we went on in Los-Cabos. She is st8 crazy!!! But we love her. She gives the best cuddles,” Sadie said of their family dog.

“The middle model is HONEY! She is 2 months old. She loves to smile with her whole face and we are kind of obsessed when she does… actually we are obsessed all the time. She is figuring out life and it’s the most fun thing to watch,” the Duck Dynasty staar said of her newborn.

“I’m Sadie! I love my family I love people! And I LOVE JESUS! I post a lot of different things on here rather it be my fam, fashion, faith, podcast, and just about whatever… Nice to meet ya,” she concluded her post.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Can’t Find Two Things She Loves More Than The People In Her Post

On Sunday, the Duck Dynasty star shared another touching Instagram post about her husband and their baby girl.

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff wed back in November 2019. The happy couple got hitched on the Robertsons’ family farm in Louisiana. As of May 11, their family grew by one when they welcomed a new addition to their life.

Honey James Huff came into their world almost a week past her due date. The newborn is their first child together as she became the newest member of the Duck Dynasty family. But Honey wasn’t the only new addition to the Robertson family.

She was the second baby to join the family in recent history. Sadie’s brother John Luke Robertson and his wife, Mary Kate, welcomed their second child only weeks before when they welcomed their own little girl named Ella.

The Duck Dynasty star took time last weekend to share her love for both Honey and Christian on social media. She also shared a sweet picture of her husband and their child.

“Couldn’t tell ya many things I love more than worshipping beside these two on Sunday mornings,” Robertson wrote on Instagram.