‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Responds to Criticism About Her Post-Baby Body in Moving New Post

by Josh Lanier

Sadie Robertson Huff issued a challenge to her female followers after someone said she spent too much time “bragging” about her post-baby body.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Duck Dynasty daughter said she doesn’t disclose her entire life on social media. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had struggles. More importantly, she said, the last year of her life wasn’t about how her body changed. It was about how she grew as a person.

Robertson said she received a message from a mother who said she and her daughter planned to unfollow her on Instagram. That’s because, the woman claimed, that the 24-year-old new mom spent too much time showing off her post-pregnancy body. Sadie Robertson felt that was untrue and unfair. But instead of replying to the woman’s DM directly, she tried to make it a teachable moment.

“… I’ve thought about how I could’ve told her that I didn’t ‘bounce back’ how you may perceive outwardly. I could tell her about parts of me that haven’t healed yet. I could tell her about the bumps that I still have covering half of my body since birth bc of a new allergy triggered by a stressful labor. Or I could’ve told her things my doctor has told me, & the counselor I saw helped me through. I could’ve told her how a lot of things I don’t tell people, but I didn’t.”

Robertson added that women too often define their body by its flaws, rather than focusing on the positive aspects of their lives.

“I didn’t tell her that and I don’t post stuff like that bc the truth is my year, my days, and certainly my life are not defined by my body, and especially not the negative things my body is faced with because tbh it’s done some awesome things this year I’d rather document! …”

Sadie Robertson Huff: Focus on Growth Not Girth

Sadie Robertson Huff is proud of the person she became. In part because of the challenges that she overcame during the past year. However, she’s not going to show all of that on social media. It’s a curated experience. And she shows only the parts of her life that she feels comfortable sharing with other people.

“The last year of my life wasn’t about my body changing, but it was about me as a person growing” her post continues. “Growing life, growing in love, growing in endurance, growing in consistency, in faith, in hope, growing in many things. I hope those are the things you saw. …”

“Ladies, I just want to challenge you not to become insecure bc of what someone else chooses to or not to post. Our confidence should not be found on the measure of how good or bad someone else is doing.”