‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Reveals How Many Kids She Wants to Have

by Taylor Cunningham

On May 11th, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Roberston Huff became a glowing mother when her daughter Honey James was born. And Sadie loves parenthood so much that she would like to add two or three more kids to her family.

Like most new parents, the Huffs have experienced a roller coaster of emotions since bringing Honey home last spring. Honey’s delivery turned traumatic when the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. And doctors couldn’t help the infant get oxygen for over two minutes due to her shoulder being stuck in the birth canal. Then shortly after, Sadie battled postpartum anxiety. And more recently, Honey had to stay in the hospital for RSV at only four months old. Seeing her little girl struggle “was really sad and a lot to walk through.” But Honey was able to go home after four days. And now she’s thriving.

“Getting to be her mom encourages me to just be strong through whatever pain or whatever fear I’m feeling,” Sadie told E! News. “It was definitely challenging and very, very hard, all the things that people warn you of, but at the same time, there’s a sweetness glazed over all of it.”

But despite a hard couple of months, the constant ups and downs have made the Duck Dynasty star’s marriage stronger.

“Some people think if they’re having problems in their marriage, a baby will fix it. I do not recommend that because they add so much challenge, ” Sadie warned. “But the challenge and the authenticity that we have experienced together and the vulnerability has made us so much closer together. We’ve just seen each other walk through some hard things. And it’s made us love each other and appreciate each other more. Christian has been a rock. He has been so great to us and has just loved Honey so well, which makes me love him even more.”

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Roberton Huff Loves Being a Mom and Looks Forward to Expanding Her Family

Now that Sadie and Christian have happily settled into their roles as mom and dad, they’re looking forward to a couple more Huffs joining the family. According to Sadie, the two go back and forth about wanting three kids or four. But they do agree that they’d like to adopt one or more of their future children. Sadie’s parents, Korie and Willie Robertson, adopted three of their six children. And Sadie said that she’s “seen the beauty of it, what a blended family can look like from adoption.”

However, with Honey not even being six months old, Sadie and Christian aren’t thinking about when they’d like to expand their brood. Instead, they’re living in the moment and enjoying all of their daughter’s firsts.

“I’m like, ‘Stay this little forever!’ I just love it,” Sadie gushed. “Honestly, she just started holding her bottle by herself and I was so proud. It’s just the little milestones and the day-to-day things that make me so proud and just so happy to be her mom.”