‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Shows Month-by-Month Baby Bump Progression in New Pics

by Matthew Wilson

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson is showing off her dramatic pregnancy transformation in a month-by-month progression of images. The reality star is taking her followers back to the beginning of her pregnancy, showing how she’s changed over the past months.

Now that’s she’s nine months pregnant, Robertson definitely has a baby bump. The “Duck Dynasty” star and her husband Christian Huff will be welcoming their first child any day. And Robertson, like many of her followers, can’t wait to meet her daughter.

On Instagram, Robertson wrote, “Growing: becoming greater over a period of time; increasing. You make me better baby girl. I hope I always see growth, no matter how uncomfortable it can be … as a very good thing. Because that it is.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Keeps Fans Updated

The “Duck Dynasty” star has been very open with her fans regarding her pregnancy. Sadie Robertson has used her Instagram platform to share with followers all of the highs and lows of pregnancy. Going back to the very beginning, Robertson revealed that she was pregnant in a moving post. Having a child has changed her, according to Robertson, as she prepares to enter the world of parenting.

But Robertson has faced her share of challenges during the pregnancy as well. For one, the “Duck Dynasty” star contracted COVID-19 while pregnant. The virus led to a hospital scare and Robertson in a weakened condition for days. But both mother and child have since recovered from that ordeal. And she can’t wait to finally have her baby.

One area that Robertson plans to have privacy in is the actual birth. The reality star revealed that she doesn’t want any cameras in the delivery room with her. That special day will stay between Robertson and her family.

“If I had cameras, maybe that would help me do better. I’d feel the pressure and look a little more decent,” Robertson told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m so ready. I know currently, I have a little booty in my rib cage, so I’m ready for her to be [out] in the real world. I can’t wait.”

But “Duck Dynasty” fans should prepare for the slew of baby photos that Robertson will probably post in the near future. She’s sure to be just as doting and proud of her child as when she was pregnant. The Robertson clan is growing.