‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Smooches Husband in Baby Bump Pic While She Waits

by Jacklyn Krol

Sadie Robertson Huff is celebrating her first Mother’s Day!

On Sunday (May 9), she updated fans with a photo of her growing baby bump. Robertson-Huff is seen kissing her husband Christian Huff in a field with her bare bump in the middle.

“40 weeks and 5 days of being a mom,” she captioned the sweet photos. “Cheers to the rest of my life loving you two with everything in me. grateful.”

Sadie Robertson Huff on Her Pregnancy

This past week, Sadie Robertson Huff revealed to fans that her due date has since passed. Her daughter, Honey James, doesn’t seem ready to enter the world and the 23-year-old speaker is learning all about patience waiting for her arrival. Meanwhile, her nursery is ready to go!

“It’s hard to sit in the uncomfortably of being ‘almost’ to a miracle you’re waiting for,” Robertson Huff wrote.

“It’s hard when you pray and pray and pray but nothing seems to be happening,” she added. “But I’ve realized my prayers are for my will, my wants, my timing, and out of my rush….”

While waiting for her bundle of joy, she has become stronger and healthier. She said that her patience has changed her perspective and believes that it is God’s will and at the end of the day that is what they truly want.

The Special Story Behind Their Baby’s Name

Christian and Sadie Robertson Huff decided to name their daughter based on a Proverbs verse. The couple’s Christian faith has been a driving force in their relationship and everyday lives.

“Gracious words are like HONEY, sweetness to the soul and health to the body,” the quote reads.

The meaning goes beyond their faith and has a sweet backstory. On their first date, the couple went to a pottery class together and on her cup she carved the word “honey.” She revealed that she nicknamed him the “boy with the honey words.”

Aside from their faith and date connection, her great grandmother calls everyone she loves “honey.”

Meanwhile, Korie Robertson can’t wait to meet her granddaughter. She recently revealed to her social media followers that while pregnant, her daughter is writing another book.

“All while growing her little girl, nesting, preparing for mom life, and creating the sweetest space for her baby girl to come home too,” Korie Robertson wrote. “Sadie, you are already an amazing mom! And I am a proud mom and Kmama! I can’t wait to meet our sweet Honey James Huff.”