‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Is All Smiles with Daughter Honey in Pajamas Photos

by Michael Freeman

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson has been flaunting her daughter on social media and it’s fairly obvious why. Sharing a few photos, she and Honey James couldn’t appear happier together.

Taking to Instagram, the cheerful mother posted a couple of wholesome pics of the two of them together. The first shows them looking comfy in their pajamas and having a ton of fun. In the second one, Honey appears quite taken with being on camera and Sadie is all about it.

“This girl has my heart 🤎 ready for a weekend of rest and family time,” Robertson happily captions the post. “thankful for the coziest PJs by @neiwaiofficial. Get 20% off your first NEIWAI order with code Sadie. Pray your weekend is filled with rest and joy my friends!”

Robertson’s Instagram followers agree, with nearly all of them including heart emojis or mentioning how cute she is. “She is ADORABLE Sadie! God bless you guys!” one user wrote. “She has your smile!” comments another. Not to mention as of this writing, the post itself has more than 140,000 likes and the number continues to climb.

Honey was born to Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff on May 11 and the couple has been smitten ever since.

Sadie Robertson Launches New Line of Water Bottles and Tumblers

Besides gushing over her new bundle of joy, Sadie Robertson is keeping herself very busy. In fact, she recently announced she’s launching her own line of water bottles and tumblers.

Revealing the launch four days ago on Instagram, the Duck Dynasty star posted a handful of pictures about the items, as well as her enthusiasm about everything. “I AM SO EXCITED TODAY IS LAUNCH DAY!” She excitedly captioned the photos.

“Sadie x Simple Modern collection!” She continued. “Our new line of water bottles are filled with inspiring messages and reminders of truth. These are more than water bottles…each bottle includes a reminder of purpose. Your life matters, friend. We pray these bottles spread hope and life to those around you.”

Robertson also revealed being a huge advocate for Simple Modern. The company promotes durable drinkware that reduces single-use plastic and household waste. Additionally, the company takes great efforts to ensure their products are disposed of in as clean a manner as possible.

“P.S. friends, Simple modern is a company that is so generous… helping people all over the world with some of the proceeds from this collaboration. Excited to see the change around the world from just buying a water bottle that you love!” Robertson concludes the post.

Those curious about the collection can visit the official website to see the collaboration and buy anything that strikes your fancy.