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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shares Adorable Pic With Dog Celebrating National Pet Day

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/ Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson takes to social media to share a picture of arguably the most important member of a family, a dog. 

Yes, I am a dog person any day of the week. They are like the four-legged glue that bonds a family. Besides, how does the saying go? If you lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of a hot car for an hour, who is going to be happy to see you when you open it? Exactly.

We also don’t condone doing this. Not for your wife or dog’s well-being, but for your own. 

Back to the point. 

Sadie Robertson Celebrates Pup

Sadie Robertson celebrated her dog, Cabo, yesterday in an Instagram post for National Pet Day. She squeezes the small, fluffy snow-white dog close to her face as she beams ear to ear. 

#nationalpetday with the one and only @cabos_crib !!! You are the craziest thing in the world, and I love every bit of it 💥 thanks for the 24/7 entertainment and friendship, buddy.”

Although Sadie Robertson boasts more than 4.3 million, her pup is nothing to overlook, rocking more followers than most with 17,100 followers. 

According to Cabo’s Instagram, the dog is a Maltipoo, a combination of a Maltese and a Poodle. 

“Name is Cabo Pop. The pop is short for Poppins cause I’m practically perfect in every way. Welcome to my crib 🐶 – girl #maltipoo.”   

Dog Mom to Human Mom

In addition, the 23-year-old dog mom is going to be a real mom very soon. 

Some of Sadie Robertson’s most recent photos include her transformation over the past nine months as well as her maternity leave from her podcast. 

In the picture from a day ago, Sadie shows her growing belly from month one compared to month nine. The mirror selfies displays the young beauty in sweatpants and a sports bra rocking a flat stomach until her big bump now. 

“Growing: becoming greater over a period of time; increasing. You make me better, baby girl. I hope I always see growth, no matter how uncomfortable it can be … as a very good thing. Because that it is.”

Whoa That’s Good, Mama

The day before, Sadie Robertson announced her start of maternity leave from her podcast, Whoa That’s Good, which featured a sweet cookie cake. 

“What a crazy past few months preparing for baby girl to be here in a million different ways 💓 Today was my last recording day before I go on maternity leave 😱 I love recording this podcast so much, and I’m so thankful for all of our listeners, so I wanted to keep it going even while I’m gone!!! I will say trying to record a podcast with a booty in your rib cage is interesting 😅😂 .”

We are on the edge of our seat every time Sadie Robertson shares a post. Her baby girl will be here any day now!