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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shares Adorable Throwback Clip From Her Childhood

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Michael N. Todaro/WireImage)

Spirituality has always been a vital part of life for the Duck Dynasty family, and star Sadie Robertson has continued to incorporate her religion into her work and social sphere whenever she can.

Earlier today, the Duck Dynasty star posted a video of herself from childhood when she got her hands on a video camera. While wandering around her house, the little Robertson recorded an episode of a talk show featuring a poster of Vanessa Hudgins and her sister, Bella and spoke to her love for God. She then intersected this clip with one of her recent podcast episodes, WHOA That’s Good.

It’s uncanny the similarities between the two shows. Who knew that when she was playing with the camera, she was actually eluding to her future career? Of course, the Duck Dynasty star had to share this strange yet inspiring coincidence with her fans on Instagram.

In the caption, Robertson wrote, “this is just small clip from my latest message I preached that is out on YouTube now. (Watch till the end) I get emotional looking back and seeing the thread God has weaved throughout my life. I say I’m shocked that I am doing what I get to do, but when I look back it seems to be that this was always who I was to become.”

“I talked about how so many times we don’t feel prepared for the things that we are stepping into,” the Duck Dynasty star continued. “But when we look back at our life we will see that all those things that seemed ‘random’, that seemed like times of waiting, were actually intentional times of preparation.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Explains How Coincidences May Be Intentional

The Duck Dynasty star continued to speak to the role of coincidences in her life and how they may be a part of a greater plan of sorts.

“I’ve heard it said, God doesn’t call the equipped – He equips the called,” Robertson shared. “But what I have started to notice is that during our whole life… in every season… God is equipping us all for what is next.”

She continued, “The more we choose to learn from the seasons we are in and embrace the originality we were created in – the more confident we will be to use the gifting and walk in the anointing that we have.”

As always, the Duck Dynasty star concluded her post by encouraging fans to reflect on her lesson in their own lives. Perhaps those strange coincidences from the past don’t seem so random after all.

“I hope you go watch this new message and think about the things in your own life that might have seemed random or just coincidental, but that have actually been Gods intentional preparation you to be confident in who you are today,” she said.