‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Claims ‘Genuine Mexican Jaguar’ Has Appeared on Phil’s Land in Wild Trail Cam Pic

by Anna Dunn

Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson just made a post that fans may find interesting. The cameras on Phil’s land caught some sort of species of big cat roaming around at night. Robertson believes it’s a “genuine Mexican Jaguar”

“Boys, I think we’ve got a genuine Mexican jaguar on Phil’s land. That cat’s at least 250 lbs. What do y’all think it is? Check out the link in the bio for more,” he wrote.

Fans had tons of fun guessing what the cat could be, with many saying it’s a Black Panther.

“Yess sir that’s definitely a black panther,” one person wrote.

“That’s a Bengal Tiger Jack!” another person joked.

One person even joked that the animal is definitely a Chupacabra, a mythical cryptid said to roam the Americas.

The creature is likely, in reality, a mountain lion.

Meanwhile, There’s a New Member of The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family

There’s a new member of the Duck Dynasty family, and no, it’s not the Mountain lion. Sadie Robertson Huff is a new mother. She recently gave birth to a baby girl, Honey James. Sadie has been honest about her pregnancy journey thus far. Now, on the other side of it, she’s dealing with postpartum anxiety.

The 24-year-old detailed some of her post-pregnancy struggles on a recent episode of her podcast, WHOA That’s Good.

“I have struggled with anxiety for years, and even wrote a book called ‘Live Fearless’ because of my journey with anxiety,” Robertson explained. “I’m constantly trying to fight fear in my life, but when I had her and I was going through that postpartum, it was like so many emotions happening that I couldn’t really fight the fear like I normally do.”

A lot of the anxiety involves worrying about the health and safety of Honey James. Part of it involves the fact that she had a rough experience in labor.

“Because Honey and I had the labor that we experienced, my mind kept going into the ‘What ifs.’ What if she didn’t actually end up coming out? What if I lost too much blood?’ It led me to ‘Is she really OK? Did she really make it through that?” Robertson said.

Thankfully, she did, and everyone is doing okay. Hopefully, Sadie’s anxiety will get better the farther she gets away from the event.

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ heir also has a very proud family supporting her along the way. Her mother recently detailed how proud she was on Instagram, saying Sadie stays up late at night working and taking care of Honey.

“The ways [her birth story] is impacting so many of you is so powerful. I’m just a grateful mom and had to share!” she wrote.