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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Recalls Giving School Report on Skipping Class to Fish

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson recalls the one time he decided to skip school to enjoy one of his favorite outdoor activities – fishing.

In the latest Kickin Their Bass video, Si Robertson recalls the time that he had to write a school report on skipping class to go fishing. “When in school, you’d have to read a book, you know Tom Sawyer, and then have to tell the class about, ok here’s what happened in the book. The kids said, ‘Oh Miss John we don’t wanna read Tom Sawyer. We don’t wanna hear him talk about Tom Sawyer. Him and Phil skipped school last Thursday, we won’t know what they did Thursday. She said, ‘Just know this, I’m grading you.’”

Si Robertson continues. “I said, ‘Well, mama woke us up, you know, and normally getting ready for school We started putting her clothes on. She said, ‘No y’all ain’t going to school today.’ She’s some fish hungry. ‘You go up and catch me mess with crappie. Mickey, our bus driver, pulled up and we had a hedge with a walk through in between and she had stopped. You know, mama would wave her on and said, ‘Go on, they ain’t going today.”

So, Si Robertson skipped school to go fishing and caught a 81 crappie in the middle of winter. He tells the teacher about the experience and she says, “Well, I’ll give you a C-.” He recalls.“I jumped off that stool and said, ‘Woman have you lost your loving mind? 81 crappie in the middle of winter.’”

Si Robertson’s Time on A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’

Si Robertson, often referred to as “Uncle Si,” is a retired reed maker for duck-call at Duck Commander. He’s known for his appearance on the hit A&E reality TV series Duck Dynasty. Si has also appeared on other shows, including Outdoor Channel’s Buck Commander and Duck Dynasty’s spin-off Going Si-Ral. 

On Duck Dynasty, Si is known for giving fans many, many laughs. One of Si’s most memorable moments on the series involves a fender-bender that his nephew, Willie Robertson, supposedly did. Si wants Willie to pay for the damage he sees on the truck. Willie doesn’t see any damage and refuses to pay. As a solution, Si offers to let Willie give him a grand to settle to score. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Willie. The conversation ends with Si trying to get Willie by using a motorized wheelchair. He also claims he was injured in the “wreck.” 

Duck Dynasty ran for 11 seasons from March 2012 to March 2017. The show has 131 episodes featuring the Robertson family. Si’s niece-in-law Korie Robertson recently celebrated At Home With the Robertsons first season wrap earlier this month. In the series, Willie and Korie Robertson invite guests into their Louisiana home for southern hospitality, compelling and honest conversations. The interviews are all “served” with a dose of Robertson-style humor.