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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Gets the Ride of His Life at Indianapolis Motor Speedway: ‘I Hit 140 MPH’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Loccisano/ Getty Images)

“Duck Dynasty” star Uncle Si Robertson had the time of his life while hitting 140 mph at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Si Robertson may have had a joy ride, but this wasn’t any average pony express. No, this was race car fast, hitting speeds of nearly 140 mph at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The “Duck Dynasty” star is armed with a big helmet and a HANS Device (head and neck restraint), that wears like a backpack. He also sports a black t-shirt with a black panther, that says “I DO Exist.”

With a big smile on his face, Si Robertson highlights his “wild time” as well as the scary scenario that ends with him and a casket.

“I hit 140 mph in Indy and had a blast. I asked the man what happens if the tire blows out on one of these curves. He said, “Oh, it’s a difference of open casket or closed.”

Terrifying. Are you bold enough to hit these speeds?

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson’s Wild Ride

On an episode of Duck Call Room‘s podcast, which is hosted by Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan, Si explains his daring adventure in better detail.

“We went to the track. Okay? And they had the– guy told me what he does. Anyway, car dealers, they bring all their cars to the track, and then the, I guess the owners get to actually drive them. Indianapolis actually has three tracks, and we were on the Grand P, and that’s all them quick turns. I’m talking 90 degrees and coming out at 45. Just a small stretch, okay, straight stretch. But we did get to 140 anyway.”

One of the men quickly questioned if the “Duck Dynasty” star was the one behind the wheel. Another terrifying thought.

“Oh no, no. Tony was, and I’m bucked down with seatbelts. He had them pedals on the steering wheel, you know, gear up and gear down, and hey, he was doing that quick frequently, and I mean when he hit the breaks, it was “ohhhhh” (breaking noise), and then it was like “ahhhhh” (accelerating noise). And hey, he was just slamming me from one side of the door to the other, and I’m like this the whole time, “Si Robertson says as he sways back and forth. “He said, “you alright?” and I’m laughing, saying, “yeah, I’m good to go. Keep going.”‘

Si Robertson explains that the fast Corvette boasted a “big” 495 horsepower engine in the back of the car. The “Duck Dynasty” star also explains the car’s affordable price.

“Starting price, $59,900. It was actually a good price. It was under $60,000 for a brand new one.”

Well, it looks like I know what I’m saving up for. Look out if you are on the highway, because nobody is safe!