‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Shared Vintage Photos From His Early Days of Marriage

by Shelby Scott

Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson shared vintage photos from his early marriage to Christine Robertson. The brief video features highlights from his audiobook, ‘Si-Cology 1.’

Robertson explored several aspects of his life featured within the audiobook during the video. He explores a range of life events, however, most captivating were the intimate photos picturing himself and his wife, Christine, posing together during various moments in their marriage.

“My first impression [to] Christine wasn’t much, but I knocked her socks off once she realized I was a modern-day Fred Astaire,” Robertson said. Astaire was an early 20th-century actor known for being incredibly private. Astaire devoted his personal time to both his family and his hobbies, which ranged from horse racing to songwriting.

Seemingly, Robertson’s partner had a similar sense of humor and, perhaps, hesitation when it came to beginning their life together. The star also revealed, “I probably asked [Christine] to marry me 200 times before she said ‘yes,'” as he describes a rather formal photo showing the couple posing in front of one of their first homes together.

Robertson then shared a later family photo featuring the couple posed with their child, Trasa, as a toddler. “After we had tried for so long to have a baby, her arrival was one of God’s great blessings.”

As any father would, he bragged about his daughter’s beauty and confidence as she grew up.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Talks Hunting

As the Duck Dynasty star shared moments from his marriage and the family’s life together, he explored other important milestones.

Hunting has been an essential activity throughout Robertson’s life. As a Duck Dynasty star, Robertson patriarch, and retired duck call reed-maker, hunting was especially important while in the military.

He shared several photos of bucks he shot during his early time in the army. He shared photos of hunts from the U.S. and abroad. As an avid hunter, Robertson noted a key difference between bucks shot at home versus European species.

“Roe deer in Germany aren’t nearly as big as the white-tailed deer we have in the United States, but they’re just as tasty.”

The viewer senses Robertson’s sense of humor when he reminisces about the various aspects of his life in the video. However, he was especially amused by none other than himself and his love for muscle cars. “This beauty required nearly as much oil as gas,” he said. Check out the video to catch a glimpse of the muscle car.

“The main thing I want people to get from the audiobook is that…life is too short, okay, to take everything seriously, especially yourself,” Robertson concluded. The moral of the man’s story seems to be that truly nothing is unlaughable. Need proof? Click here to see Uncle Si’s latest shenanigans through mugshots and freedom through Jesus.