‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Shows Off Muscles in Hilarious New Arm-Wrestling Photos

by Josh Lanier

Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson isn’t a big man, but next to “Monster” Michael Todd he looks almost enfeeble. Uncle Si posted a photo of him going head to head with the arm-wrestling champ on the most recent Duck Call Room podcast guest, and it didn’t seem like it went well.

Todd has won 21-time national championships and 16 world titles in his illustrious arm-wrestling career. So, it’s safe to say that with those big titles come even bigger muscles. Despite that fact, Uncle Si calls him “Tiny” throughout the podcast. Todd’s biceps are the size of most men’s thighs. He has earned the nickname Monster.

SI Robertson posted a photo of himself trying to beat “The Monster,” and when that didn’t work the entire podcast team joined in to help. He posted the funny photos on Instagram.

“To be the man, you gotta beat the man. No matter how many men it takes … Check out the show with @monstermichaeltodd on YouTube,” he wrote in the caption.

Todd said he began his career in 1990, weighing in at around 175 pounds. He now weighs 275 pounds and has been as heavy as 330 pounds, he said.

To give you an idea of how strong Todd is, he and bodybuilder Jujimufu recently curled 330 pounds of weight together. An insane feat, even if it isn’t a world record.

Todd is currently working on breaking a world record, however. It was set nearly a decade ago by Romanian arm wrestling champion Ion Oncescu when he arm-wrestled more than 1,000 competitors back to back to back for a 24-hour period. He won them all.

Todd is currently working on putting together an event where he’ll try to beat 1,200 competitors over the course of a single day. And he can only use one arm.

He told Si Robertson and crew that plans are in the works for the event but nothing official has been set yet. Though, he hopes to announce something soon.

Si Robertson Spots ‘Genuine Mexican Jaguar’

Fans of Duck Dynasty know that Si Robertson loves to embellish his stories. But this time, he’s bringing photographic evidence that there is a “genuine Mexican jaguar” prowling near his brother Phil’s home — in Louisiana.

Si Robertson posted a photo of what looks like a bobcat on Instagram. But, in true Uncle Si fashion, he’s claiming he’s discovered a rare find.

“Boys, I think we’ve got a genuine Mexican jaguar on Phil’s land. That cat’s at least 250 lbs. What do y’all think it is?” he asked in the caption.

Most of his fans played along, guessing that it could be a black panther, a Bengal tiger, or even the mythical chupacabra.