‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Uncle Si Reveals Frightening Thoughts on Positive Diagnosis

by Chris Haney

Recently, Duck Dynasty star Uncle Si opened up about fearing for his life following his positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

During a PopCulture exclusive of next week’s At Home With the Robertsons episode, Uncle Si shared how much he worried for his own life while he had the coronavirus. In the sneak peek of the episode, both he and Sadie Robertson reveal what they went through during their health scares.

In Monday’s upcoming show, Willie and Korie Robertson invite frontline doctor Michael Ayers to their show. He joins the Duck Dynasty family to talk about the vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday’s show, however, Sadie and Uncle Si are revealing their struggles with the virus, according to the PopCulture sneak peek.

In the episode, Uncle Si is still wearing an oxygen cannula. The Duck Dynasty fan favorite explained that every ounce of his energy left him after he contracted COVID-19.

“I thought that when COVID would enter your body, I thought really it would just say ‘nah.’ And it would jump out and actually commit suicide,” Willie Robertson joked with his uncle.

“Trust me, I wish it would have done that,” Uncle Si responded with a laugh.

Yet his diagnosis was no laughing matter as Korie and Willie explained. Si has had some health problems, including breathing issues. In addition, his previous open-heart surgery seriously concerned the family.

“He shared with us that he just…he thought it was just the end,” Willie recalls. “If it were not for members of the family really being with him and encouraging him, I don’t know that he would have made it.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure that he would,” Korie agreed.

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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Says She Felt ‘Helpless’ During Sadie’s Hospitalization

During another sneak peek, Duck Dynasty‘s Korie Robertson revealed her “helpless” feelings while her pregnant daughter, Sadie, was hospitalized with COVID-19.

People shared a separate preview of next week’s At Home with the Robertsons episode. On Thursday’s upcoming show, Korie opened up about how much she struggled with leaving her daughter on her own in the hospital.

“When Sadie got it being pregnant — and she was still in her first trimester, so still in that time when she was having morning sickness, dealing with fatigue — that was tough,” Korie said, according to People.

Strict COVID-19 protocols would not allow Sadie’s mother to accompany her daughter as medical staff attended to her. As Sadie entered the hospital alone, Korie couldn’t help but to break down crying.

“I drove her to the hospital and just dropped her off at the door,” Korie shared. “I remember as she walked in, I just started bawling in the car. It was really traumatic. To think of leaving my baby girl at the hospital by herself, with her being pregnant.”

“You feel really helpless when someone you love is in the hospital alone,” she added.

While the Duck Dynasty star and her unborn child came through mostly unscathed, she did have some lingering symptoms. Sadie had a migraine-like headache and her throat was “red and on fire,” she said on her WHOA That’s Good podcast. Additionally, she dealt with brain fog, body aches, and a loss of taste and smell. Thankfully she pulled through the scary experience though.